Sunday, 21 June 2009

Families of the 20 June detainees demand release of their loved ones

More than 200 family members of those arrested during yesterday's protests have gathered at the Ministry of Information and Security and are demanding the release of their loved ones. They have been told to go to Evin Prison and have been refused any information about the whereabouts of the detainees.

The names of those arrested include: Shahin Asgharie, 19, on Tohid Street, Peyman Kohandani, 21, at Azadi Square , Mohamad Bayat, 29, at Azadi Square , Mohamad Yadolahhi, 31, on Jomhoori Street, Ebrahim Behroozniya, 29, on Roodaki Street, Borzo Parvaresh at Azadi Square.
More than 300 people were arrested yesterday, 20 June 2009, during mass demonstrations in Tehran.

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