Thursday, 30 July 2009

WPI demo in memory of Neda, London UK

Today in Tehran - live blogging

(3:30pm): Many older people are on the move to behesht-zahra
(3:32pm): Lots of basiji and plainclothes police are in 7-tir Square
(3:36pm): Entrance to metro and the square are full of police at 7-tir Square
(3:10pm): Rumor is that the Metro exit doors to behesht Zahra are closed
(3:42pm): Many are planning to turn up at protests/mourning
(3:45pm): GPRS link to my contact in Tehran streets goes down. have 2 wait til comes back online!
(4:00pm):Anti riot forces today have established their basis at Behesht Zahra cemetry where the 40th memorial day of death of those who lost their lives during recent demonstrations, will take place.
(4:05):A large number of persons are moving towards Behesht Zahra. Mousavi and Karroubi have also confirmed participation at todays ceremony
Behesht-zahra: loads of ppl and rising
(4:12):Jafar Panahi the famous film maker and director of the Iranian cinema and Mahnaz Mohamadi, womans activist and documentary maker, have been arrested this afternoon in Behesht Zahara cemetry.

These 2 film makers, this morning had gone to Behesht Zahra to place flowers over the graves of the persons who lost their lives in the post-election events and were arrested around 2 pm and taken to an unknown location.
(4:15):Dozens of riot police are attemptng to disperse mourners at a Tehran cemetery
Mousavi Arrives Tehran Cemetery To Commemorate Victims Of Unrest
(4:17):Iranian police arrest mourners for victims of Iranian election unrest at Tehran cemetery
Iran police arrest mourners at cemetery
Mourners being beaten with sticks, batons and belts by police
(4:20): People are chanting "This a day of mourning ..This is a day of mourning"
Iranian police tell mourners to leave the cemetery or "face the consequences."
People in cemetery chanting Our Neda is not dead It's the regime thats dead
(4:26):Clashes between people and the security and para-security forces verifying in Behesht Zahra.
(4:28):Police 'Beat Mourners' At Iran Cemetery
(4:30):A large number of people gathered in center and south areas of Tehran and police is serverly preventing people from gathering in Ferdowsi Square.
are singing yare dabestani in beheshte zahra
(4:35): I have just spoken to Mahsa Amrabadi's mother and she confirmed that Mahsa has not been released but said that will be released by middle of the month of "Sha'ban"(fereshte qazi)
(4:36):Cries of "Death to the Dictator" can be heard
(4:38):A large number of anti-riot guards and police are present in the area. People throw flowers on them and chant "Support us ..Support us".
Riotpolice chasing chantng youngstrs, weather is hot, girls on the frontline amid uncomfortable clothing
(4:45):The slogan of "Death to dictator" can be heard louder than ever
(4:46)People are singing yare dabestani(a revolutionary anthem) in beheshte zahra
(4:47):About 3000 mourners around Neda's grave site
Police charge people at grave site. Clashes taking place
(4:49):Police and security forces have closed lot n. 257 in Behesht Zahra cemetery and do not allow people to enter.
(4:50):Forces are stopping people by the gates of behest zahra, clashes have started at the gates
Riot police has blocked all entrances to "Behesht Zahra"
Old man tells police "Go ahead hit me!"
Mourners chant: "Death to Dictator!" Basijis now chanting "God is Great" too.
(4:58):Anti riot police are fighting with those who are trying to film the situation

5:00:Basijis and security officers videotaping mourners and protesters
Hundreds of plain cloth militia riding bikes toward Mosalla
5:02:Police forces Mir Hossein Mousavi to leave the ceremony of Neda organized in Behesht Zahra cemetery. The armed forces arrest tens of persons and try to disperse others.
5:12:No network around behesht zahra,we have some problems for updates...
5:15:Mir hosein Musavi has left behesht zahra and is going to Mosalla
5:16:People starting to gather all over tehran biggest so far AT ferdousi SQ
5:17:With the entrance of Karroubi at lot number 257, people rushed towards and entered the lot.
5:18:Thousands are gAthered in front of mosala in Tehran
5:19:Government agents are dispersing people and hit them with batons
5:20:Mosala, fatemi street & the streets next to them are blocked with the riot police
5:21:Tear gas exploded and police attack people with tear gases.Many are hurt and wounded.
5:24:People are chanting: my murtyred sister, I won't let your blood be passed
5:30:Karroubi has gone to Mosallah and Mrs. Rahnavard (Mousavi's wife) in Behesht Zahra cemetery has told people not to go to Mossallah since the Basij are planning to massacre people there.
5:31:People are chanting: koodeta government, resign, resign
5:32: Hadi ghafari is at behesht zahra
5:34:People are chanting: "Mojtaba you will die and not see yourself in leadership"
People are chanting: "We do not want to see crocodile tears, we do not want to see the Mesbah government"ما اشک تمساح نمیخوایم دولت تمساح نمیخوایم
5:36:People are chanting: fire, yank, basij will not work anymore
5:38:People are chanting:"Political prisoners must be released" , "Death to coup d'etat"
5:40:Vali-asr street from vanak sq to vali-asr is field with people, anti riot and basij forces
5:42:people are going towards mosala and other streets around it
5:44:Large groups of people going in the streets.Women protesters in streets are more than men.
5:45:people are going towards mosala and other streets around it. People are leaving behesht zahra

Hundreds of anti-riot agents have occupied Northern Amirabad street. People gradually gather in the lateral streets
6:05:At Vozara junction, severe clashes going on between people and regim forces.
6:15:Heavy clashes around Abbas abad ave.
6:17:People Gathering in Mofatteh and sharyati St.
6:20:People in Sharia'ti and Moffateh streets are chanting "Death to dictator" and "Coup governmnet , resign resign" ...also "political prisoners should be released "
6:23:People are chanting and moving towards Enghelab sq
6:25:At the place where Neda was killed more than hudreds of agents and anti-riot police are settled.
6:27:Roads ending to Mosala, Enghelab and vali-asr are field with people, militia and basij forces
6:30:Beheshti avenue is full of people. The crowd chants slogans against the regim.
6:33:People are moving from Beheshti and Mofatteh Street's towards Mosalla.Vali-e Asr St and routes ending to it are full of peopel. Police is arresting people by plastic handcuffs!
6:40:Roads ending to Mosala, Enghelab and vali-asr are field with people, militia and basij forces
6:44:Militia forces have been placed in Mosala but people are passing them in groups, shops are starting to close down
6:45:large group of people as a family gathering and in greean and black clothes are going towards Laleh park.
6:50:Security forces fired shots in the air and used tear gas to disperse crowds
6:53:Vali-asr street is field with prople that are chanting: People aren't dead, it's Mojtaba who is dead.This crowed goes all the way to Vanak sq.Vali-asr st is field with fire and fog
6:57:Metro waggons are field with people who are chanting Death to dictator and and other chants against IR

Severeal people arrested in Behesht Zahra
7:05:Security forces have been placed all around shiraz, specially Shah cheragh is field with Basij and plain-clothes
7:06:Crowed is moving towards Fatemi, many have been arrested but people are still joining the crowed
7:10: Security forces fired shots in the air and used tear gas to disperse crowd
7:17:There is a big traffic made by militia forces in order not to let people join each other and poeple reacting by blowing their car's horns
7:20: Hard clashes in Abbas abad ST.
7:24:The crowd hast set a police motorcycle on fire in Vozara street.
7:29:No network in central of tehran
7:30: They are beating people in the most violent way in Abbas Abad strett with batons and rod
7:35:Thousands of peopel are in Vali-e Asr street and Police is beating them up brutally by electric baton and cable
7:40:Heavy clashes at Takht Tavos St. police shooting tear gas
7:50:Protesters in Ahvaz (around KianPars ave) despite heavy smog

In esfeahn 5 to 6 thousand ppl holding green signs protesting
8:15:Unconfirmed reports one killed in Valiasr street
8:16:Black smoke caused by tires set on fire has spread over the sky in Tehran
8:20:In Isfahan 5 to 6 thousands poeple with green symbols had gathered in Enqelab Sq and around 33 bridge area
8:25:2 young men were arrested and placed inside a van, but a group of demonstrators broke windows & pulled men out of vehicle
8:45:Following block of mobile phones and interference in the SMS services, a total power black-out has also occurred in many areas of Tehran. The reason for the slight delay in our live-blogging service, is due to the fact that we've had to move to another location
Thousands protesters in Vali-asr Ave. Also a huge crowd in Modarres express way
8:55:Many anti-riot police & plain cloths in Tajrish up to Vali-asr intersection & there up to Jamalzade ave.
8:56:Anti-riot police attacking people w their bikes. Ppl have put large garbage containers on fire
Clashes continue in Beheshti, Motahari, North Hafez, Vali-asr, Zartosht, Fatemi & surrounding areas

9:00:Clashes between protestors with plain-clothes and special guards in Mashhad city Mellat park
Both sides of Khosravi ave (where neda was shot) blocked by forces
9:05:About 500 ppl marching toward IRIB
9:10:Gunshoots at Amir Abad,at least 10 ppl injured, 2 Police motorcycls on fire
9:11:Police arresting some protesters in Abbas Abad street
9:12:Basij have shot the doors in mosala and protesters are lock inside they need help
9:13: The crowd in Behesht Zahra cemetery today was 40,000
9:15:Jafar Panahi & Mahnaz Mohammadi are released !
9:17:There are too much damaged cars with broken windows in Takhte tavous , Abbas Abad streets and surrounding areas where a large number of people are still there. Some of the automobiles drivers have told that they have been told by plain-clothes and militia forces not to blow the horns and for threatening drivers ,they are hammering cars by baton and bars
9:30:Another documentarist (Rokhsare Ghaem Maghami) was also arrested with Panahi & is now released

Friday, 24 July 2009

July 25 global day of action on Iran and every day - a day of solidarity with the people of Iran

Iran Solidarity is calling for people across the world to stand with the people of Iran on July 25 and every day.

Since its establishment last week, over 1,000 individuals and organisations have joined Iran Solidarity, including Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Mina Ahadi, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and Taslima Nasrin. Its successful launch at the House of Lords on July 13 was hosted by Dick Taverne and chaired by Fariborz Pooya, head of the Iranian Secular Society. Speakers included the philosopher AC Grayling, campaign organiser Maryam Namazie, and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell. You can see footage of the launch here.

Iran Solidarity is calling on people everywhere to step up their support for the people of Iran by joining July 25 demonstrations at embassies of the Islamic regime of Iran in cities across the globe. The global day of action is being sponsored by human rights activists, Amnesty International USA, Reporters without Borders and others.

We are also calling for every day to be a day of solidarity with the people of Iran and are looking to have one person every day in central London for half an hour for the next year. With your help, we plan to organise daily acts of solidarity in Trafalgar Square from 6:00-6:30pm for 365 consecutive days starting July 26. We are asking you to volunteer to express your solidarity as you see fit on a day that you are available during the next 365 days. You would need to stand alone, be over 16 years of age, and spend the half hour doing whatever you’d like to do to show your support and solidarity.

To volunteer to take part, website: or blog or contact:
Maryam Namazie
Campaign Organiser
BM Box 2387
London WC1N 3XX, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 7719166731

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Shiraz today!


people chanted :Political prisoner must be freed and death to the dictator...


Saturday, 18 July 2009

New Channel TV additional frequency

Due to the Islamic regime of Iran's jamming of New Channel TV on Hotbird, we can now be viewed on Eutelsat W2M at 3.0 degrees East, Frequency 11472 as well.

They raped, killed and burnt the body of our Taraneh

A blogger has interviewed a friend of Taraneh Mousavi, who we reported on a few days ago. She was last seen being dragged off by the Islamic regime’s security agents. Her burnt body has now been found.

Her friend, Sh. Says:

‘Taraneh was very beautiful and very kind; she used to sing with a beautiful warm voice and played the piano with skill. I cannot imagine that all this life and beauty should be buried under dust and dirt, without mercy.’

Sh. is speaking haltingly, and I ask her:

When did the family learn that the body had turned up?

‘They went to Ghazvin yesterday to get her burned body. But as much as we asked them they wouldn’t tell us any details and neither did they tell us where they want to bury her. They have been threatened heavily and are very afraid.’

Was Taraneh arrested on 7th Tir (28th June) near Ghoba mosque?

‘Yes. On that day, Taraneh was wearing a green shawl and manteau and high heeled shoes and because she also had beautiful green eyes, she probably caught the attention of the plain clothes agents. But she wasn’t participating in the rally and she cried and said so many times to the agents, but they threw her into a van with other detainees. Her car was parked in the vicinity and she was on the way to her Beauticians’ Training Establishment which is situated near Hosseinie Ershad.’

And then they brought her to a detention centre?

‘Yes, they brought her and about 40 other blindfolded boys and girls to a secret detention centre, a building with high walls on Pasdaran Street, and put them in a large room. They were harassing the girls very much and Taraneh’s interrogation took longer than the others’…

Did Taraneh give her phone number to the others there?

‘Yes, when she had come back to the others from her long interrogation she said she had been harassed and asked some of the others to call her parents and some of her friends and tell them that she had been arrested. She was crying all the time, and when they allowed all the girls except her to call home briefly she grew even more worried.

‘Then they took all the detainees away from this building; some were taken to Evin and others to Nobonyad police station. Only Taraneh they kept with them, which worried all the other detainees.’

And afterwards, were her family and friends contacted?

‘Yes, the other detainees who were freed the same evening or the next days and had the numbers were all worried about Taraneh’s state, as they had seen the savage behaviour of the agents. They called Taraneh’s family and friends and told them she had been arrested.’

And did the family follow up?

‘Yes, after some days they found her car but there was no trace of her until last week…’

…when an unidentified person called…

‘Yes, an unidentified person, probably one of her abductors, called and said Taraneh had a moral problem and that she hadn’t been arrested at all. He said she had been raped and her womb and anus had been torn and she had wanted to kill herself by throwing herself in front of a car. He said she had been brought to Imam Khomeini Hospital in Karaj and that she had also tried to kill herself there with a serum tube.

‘The family immediately went to the hospital but Taraneh’s name wasn’t registered at the hospital. However one of the nurses confidentially told one of her friends that some days previously a girl with these particulars had been brought to the hospital unconscious and had been removed again after a couple of hours.

‘Hearing this, we guessed that Taraneh had probably been brought to the hospital in the last moments of her life after suffering repeated rape. We grew very worried.’

At this stage, what enquiries did Taraneh’s family make?

‘Our main problem was the family’s silence and the fear they had that the story would come out. Taraneh’s mother and father are very religious and over sixty; Taraneh was their only child, which they had had after years of praying and longing and medication, and they had given her a good life. But when this happened they became very afraid and didn’t talk to us any more. But after all we are her friends too and have a right to know where her body is and where she will be buried.’

Is there no information at all about the funeral ceremony?

‘No. Yesterday the family were informed that a burnt corpse fitting Taraneh’s description had been found between Karaj and Qazvin. The family has been threatened severely not to talk about their daughter’s arrest.’

Now that this story has come out in the media and in the weblogs, do you think the truth will be found out?

‘I just want Taraneh’s voice to go on, and our call that our most beautiful friend has been cruelly taken from us, that they have raped her brutally for several days and then burned her lifeless body and tossed her out in the desert.

‘When Taraneh sang, her beautiful voice was always in my ear, but from yesterday until now I have only been hearing her screams. Taraneh’s suffering was over, but our pain and suffering will remain with us as long as we live; she was our Taraneh [song].’

More news of arrests yesterday

Yesterday, lawyer Shadi Sadr was arrested by plainclothes security forces; she was dragged into a car and driven away with several others.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Film footage of 17 July protests in Tehran


'Free political prisoners.'

'Dont be afraid, we are all together.'

'Down with Dictator'

Protests continue

At the same time as the mass protests in Tehran, the families of political prisoners and the recently detained have gathered at Evin prison. People have also gathered at the Russian embassy to protest that government’s support of the regime. There is a huge crowd at the Ministry of Interior. The security forces have attacked people and there are clashes.

According to a report received at 5pm Tehran time, there is a huge crowd protesting in Rahahan Square. There are reports of a number of wounded, that are being nursed by people. The wounded are not being handed over to ambulances, because it is said that the basijis are in charge of the ambulances and so doctors and nurses have been called to intervene and help the wounded at the demonstrations themselves and for people to let the wounded into their homes.

One of the other slogans people are giving is that ‘Until Ahmadinejad is here; it will be the same.’ Holding pictures of Sohrab, they are also shouting: ‘Our Sohrab isn’t dead; it is the Velayat that is.’

The people’s protests will continue into the night.

Film footage and photos of July 17 demonstrations in Tehran

Millions out on the streets of Tehran today

Millions of people in Tehran are out on the streets protesting against the regime

Today Friday 17 July, in various sections of Tehran, we are once again witness to mass demonstrations in Iran. There are reports that there are more than 2 million people giving slogan in the main streets and squares of Tehran. Some of the slogans are: ‘Down with Dictator,’ ‘Free all Political Prisoners,’ ‘Coup d’etat government; resign, resign,’ ‘Down with Ahmadinejad;’ ‘Our Neda isn’t dead; it is the government that dead,’ amongst others. There were also slogans saying ‘People didn’t get killed to make concessions’ (ma koshteh nadadeem keh sazesh koneem), referring to a rejection of any behind the scene wheeling and dealings between the opposing factions of the regime.

The demonstrations are continuing right now; Azerbaijan Road, Vali Asr Square, Keshavarz Boulevard, Hafez Road, Daneshjoo Park, North Amir Abad, Ferdousi Square towards Iranshahr, Haft Tir Square, and the cross section between Karoun and Hashemi are teeming with protesters. From Vanak Square and above, protesters are giving slogans of ‘Down with Dictator,’ and burning photographs of Mousavi and Rafsanjani.

Despite the extreme heat and the widespread presence of security forces, people have taken to the streets en masse. Live reports from the protests are being broadcast via New Channel TV and the Worker-communist Party of Iran throughout the day.

In Keshavarz Boulevard and North Amirabad there are over 2-300,000 people shouting ‘Down with Dictator’ and have been clashing with the regime’s security forces. People are moving towards Fatemi Square and the Islamic regime’s broadcasting house.

According to reports, the regime’s security forces have attacked people, including with plastic bullets, batons, and tear gas. The numbers of arrested is unknown.

New Channel TV has also been receiving reports of protests in other cities including Shiraz, Esfahan and Yazd

Via New Channel TV, protesters are asking for doctors and nurses to get to the demonstrators as many do not want to go to hospitals in case they are arrested by the regime’s security. Also the public are being asked via New Channel to allow protesters fleeing security forces to enter their homes in order to protect them.

Live coverage of protests in Iran today

To see live coverage of the protests in Iran today and reporting from protesters, watch New Channel TV station.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Friday 17 July is a day of protest in Iran and other updates

* Countless groups and individuals have been calling on people in Iran to come out on to the streets on Friday 17 July via New Channel TV with slogans including ‘Down with Dictator,’ ‘Down with Khamenei,’ ‘Down with the Islamic regime of Iran,’ and ‘Free all political prisoners.’ People are being asked to come out in full force to demand freedom and an end to the Islamic regime.

* Mothers of the dead have issued their fourth statement asking people to come out to parks around the country to commemorate those killed on Saturday 18 July. Whilst giving their condolences to Parvin Fahimi, Sohrab Arabi’s mother, they are asking people to come out between 7-8pm on the Saturday also to protect the mothers. The statement says that the regime’s security threatens, harasses and throws them out, arresting those who refuse to leave and that people’s solidarity and support is needed.

* As a result of the security forces’ inability to control the protesters, the regime’s head of security – Ismail Ahmadi-Moghadam has said in an interview that new weapons are needed in combating the protesters as the traditional ones are not effective.

* According to Amnesty International, hundreds of detainees are at risk of torture and ill-treatment.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Update: more dead or feared dead

Yaqoob Barvaieh, 27, born in Ahwaz, died at hospital today. He was shot on 25 June by a basiji from the rooftop of Lowlagar Mosque in Tehran. He was an MA student in performing arts.

Taraneh Mousavi (left), 28, was among hundreds arrested on June 19, 2009. Since than her family has had no news of her whereabouts. There are reports now that her mother was contacted by an anonymous caller from the regime’s security after three weeks of her disappearance to say that she had been hospitalized in Imam Khomeini Hospital in Karaj due to the rupturing of her womb. Her family went to the hospital but did not find her there. They say some of the nurses recall a woman there whose womb was torn but that she was removed whilst unconscious. The caller said she had tried to hang herself in prison because of her lack of honour. According to a witness who was arrested with her, she was detained in the vicinity of Shariati Street in Tehran. ‘The security forces physically and mentally abused us. Some were transferred to Evin prison and some others were released. Her interrogation took longer than the rest; she was very beautiful with green eyes. Whilst they released us and transferred others, they kept her. She was not even allowed to contact her family. Taraneh's father suffers from a heart condition and is seriously ill after the disappearance of his only child. The family have been warned not to mention that she was arrested in the protests. There is concern that she was raped and killed.

A mother of one of those who is missing reports that she were taken to a cold storage facility in Southwest Tehran which is usually used to store fruits and dairy products. She was shown pictures of hundreds of dead in an effort to identify her missing child. It took, she said, half an hour, to go through all the photographs. The mother had to pass by dead bodies piled up on each other to leave the facility. Whilst she had not located her child, she says she fainted at the sight of the dead; when she came to, she was in the car. Sohrab Arabi’s family was also show 20-60 photographs of the dead in order to have them identify Sohrab.

There are reports that one of the bodies of the dead returned to his family was covered in cement. The family believe it is to hide evidence of torture.

One blogger, Nima Namdari, has said his 47 year old uncle, Behzad Mohajer, has been missing since 15 June and they have been unable to locate him wherever they have turned.

There has been a rise in executions by the regime in recent weeks; many are fearful that imprisoned protestors and political prisoners are being executed under the pretext of other offences such as drug trafficking.

Monday, 13 July 2009

19 year old Sohrab was buried today

19 year old Sohrab was buried today in Behesht e Zahra cemetery. His family had no news about his whereabouts for 26 days. The regime's security said no slogans were allowed and made the family end the ceremony quickly. Mourners went back to the family's home afterwards.

Here is film footage of his mother saying: You all know; they killed my child. They told me he was in Evin; they gave me the run around but they had killed him. They had shot him through the heart. They are inhuman. No one can stop me...'

Some more pictures:

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Solidarity rally, London 12 July

Here are some pictures of today's rally, from Trafalgar Square to the Iranian embassy, in solidarity with people in Iran.

19 year old Sohrab Arabi killed by the Islamic regime of Iran

19 year old Sohrab Arabi is another youth killed by the regime. He disappeared after joining the June 15 protests in Tehran. His mother had been searching for him and had been had been told he was in Evin prison where she can been seen in a video footage (with a purple scarf) asking about his whereabouts from men leaving the prison upon being released. She was awaiting his release when instead the family was contacted to collect his body.

Some reports say Sohrab died in prison under torture. Others say he was shot dead by the Baseej in the intersection of Azadi and Jenah Streets during the protests.

His older brother went to collect his body Saturday and was shown 50-60 photos from which he identified Sohrab’s body. Sohrab’s body had bullet wounds to his chest and head.

Sohrab was in 12th grade and preparing for the university entrance exam.

His memorial ceremony will be held tomorrow.

Latest update

  • At Babol industrial University , 16 people were summoned to the disciplinary committee and detained students are in a precarious situation.
  • Three men were hanged on Sunday in the town of Arak in central Iran.
  • In Saqez city on Saturday security forces attacked the homes of political activists and arrested 32.
  • Sohrab Arabi's body has been handed over to his family.
  • In recent protests across the country, people in Kermanshah protested over several days. Tens of people were arrested in these protests. Some of the detained have been transfered to Dizel Abad Prison and into dangerous sections of the prison. The detainees are as follows: 1.Reza Tavakoli 2. Mohammad Ayoubi 3. Mansour Moradi 4. Ayyoub Nasiri 5. Foad Rahnama 6.Hiva Haji7. Nasrin Kargar 8.Rojin Yeganeh 9. Bahman Mortazavi 10.Shahram Bijani.
  • People in Tehran are continuing to honk their horns at the sight of Basijis - and chanting anti-government slogans while speeding away. Many people drive with their headlights on. Reports indicate that some Basijis are quitting their jobs and are being replaced by fresh recruits, many of them under 18. People travelling to Iran are being targeted at the airport upon entry and are being forced to divulge their Twitter and Facebook accounts so the government can monitor their online activity.
  • Tehran’s Police Chief has declared a state of emergency in parts of Tehran. Iran’s government has removed the head of security of Zanjan Province after reports surfaced that he may be sympathetic to the protesters.
  • Reports indicate that there are 36 journalists in prison. Reports indicate that despite the overcrowding, nearly 150 protesters arrested on July 9th in Tehran were moved to Evin Prison.
  • Iranian courts postponed the court date for seven Baha’is detained in Tehran today.
  • Sheila Najafi , expelled student, poet and leftist activist was arrested in Amol; there's concern about her situation and whereabouts.
  • Pasdaran warn Iranian websites and bloggers not to "create tension"; Twitter, MySpace, Facebook have been blocked ...
  • Iran's military has warned the online media of a crackdown over their coverage of the country's current crisis.The Pasdaran has said through the state news service that Iranian websites and bloggers must remove any materials that "create tension" or face action.
  • URGENT: Life of detained pregnant journalist (Mahsa Amrabadi) in danger!
  • The head of the Pasdaran has warned that the armed forces will not surrender to the protests.
  • Shameless claim of Davoodi, Ahmadinejad's assistant: "the number of political prisoners in Iran is a lot less than western countries."
  • Iran Solidarity will launch tomorrow 13 July from 1230-1330 at the House of Lords in London.
  • Ali Taghipoor, a student of Babol University who was arrested on June 30, accompanied by 6 other students is still in Babol's detention facility; he is one of oldest student activists in Iran.
  • 5 other journalists (Tohid Beygi, Majid Saeedi, Hengameh Shahidi, Somayye Nosrati & Saeed Matinpour) were arrested in Iran and since begining of protests numbers of journalists and bloggers who have been arrested has reached 41.
  • Behrooz Javid Tehrani's life is in danger; Falah the head of security council has told his lawyer: his body is all you are going to be seeing.

Friday, 10 July 2009

London march in solidarity with people in Iran

Come and join a rally in solidarity with people in Iran

This Sunday 12 July 09, London, UK

Assemble at 3pm in Trafalgar Square

March from Trafalgar Square to the Iranian Embassy at 3:30pm

For any further questions, please call organiser Jalil Jalili on 07950924434

Khamenei must be prosecuted for crimes against humanity

July 8, 2009

Mr Luis Moreno–Ocampo
The Prosecutor
International Criminal Court
Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519
The Hague, The Netherlands

Dear Mr Luis Moreno–Ocampo

I am writing on behalf of the people of Iran to call on the International Criminal Court to prosecute the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, for crimes against humanity.

There is ample documentation of such crimes since the establishment of the Islamic Republic, however, the repression meted out on the recent June protesters, is sufficient evidence for such a prosecution.

On Friday June 19, during his speech at Friday prayers, Khamenei called for an end to street protests and threatened protesters saying that he would not be held responsible for any "bloodshed and chaos" that followed. The next day, the government’s security forces, including the Baseejis, Pasdaran, police forces and plain-clothed agents, poured onto the streets and indiscriminately attacked protesters. Though precise information is unavailable, we have gathered 56 names of those killed; clearly the numbers are higher. Thousands have also been arrested – we have heard reports of as many as 3,000 in Tehran alone. We have put together a list of several hundred names so far. Many more have been wounded.

Protestors Killed

The day after Khamenei threatened protesters, 27 year old Neda Agha-Soltan was shot dead by security forces on 20 June. Eyewitnesses said they clearly targeted her and she was shot in the chest. There is even a warrant out for the doctor who was on the scene, tried to help her, and first informed the world of what had happened. Others dead include Chemistry student Kianoosh Asa who was taken from his university dormitory and found dead in a morgue 10 days later, bearing signs of torture, 25 year old Hossein Tahmasbi who was beaten to death by the regime’s forces and Ashkan Sohrabi who was shot thrice in the chest and died on the way to the hospital. They are included in the list of 56 dead that is attached to my letter.

There are also reports of many who have disappeared and feared dead. Reports have quoted a prison guard saying that bodies are being taken out of Evin prison and buried in unidentified graves from no go areas in the prison that are only accessible to the Baseej and Pasdaran intelligence.

There are also reports of the families of the dead being asked to pay up to an equivalent of $3,000 to secure the bodies of their loved ones. One example highlighted in the media is that of Neda Agha-Soltan’s family who had a difficult time persuading the Iranian authorities to release her body. According to her fiancé in an interview with BBC Farsi, "She was taken to a morgue outside Tehran. The officials from the morgue asked if they could use parts of her corpse for body transplants for medical patients." "They didn't specify what exactly they intended to do. Her family agreed because they wanted to bury her as soon as possible. "We buried her in the Behesht-e-Zahra cemetery in southern Tehran. They asked us to bury her in this section where it seemed the authorities had set aside spaces for graves for those killed during the clashes." This section has been labelled the section of the ‘hypocrites’ by the regime. The government has also banned her family and the families of the dead from holding public funerals.

Treatment of the wounded

We have received many reports of people wounded, including in horrific ways. Doctors and nurses at two hospitals have taken to the streets in protest to the treatment of the wounded. Many have been denied access to their families. Some have been dragged out of hospital beds and taken to prison.

Torture and mistreatment and situation of detainees

Reports of torture and rape are rampant. We have received reports saying that prisoners are being brutally tortured with the aim of killing them. According to an eye witness at a recent gathering of family members in front of Evin prison, one of the imprisoned who was released whilst people were gathered said that he had been arrested around Afsariyeh in Tehran and taken to an undisclosed location. He was denied food for 48 hours. There were 500 people detained on the floor where he was and they had no access to showers or sanitation. After 48 hours, they were given bread, potato and cheese. When they complained, they were told ‘you are anti-revolutionaries; be grateful you have not been killed.’ The released prisoner said everyone was brutally beaten. A 48 year old man who was given electric shocks died whilst he was there. Many of the prisoners in his cell were badly wounded with broken arms and legs. He said he was then taken to Evin prison, where he was told: ‘you protested against the Islamic regime; we will do something to you so that you won’t be able to find your house when you are released.’ He said, in Evin, the lives of many were at risk.

We have also heard from a woman whose daughter had been beaten indiscriminately for four days and then thrown out of prison on to the streets late at night. A passerby picked her up in their car and drove her home. Since her release, she has attempted to commit suicide several times. Her mother fears she has been raped.

Several of those detained have confessed to having been influenced by outside powers on Iranian state television – clearly under duress.

I attach a list of some of those who have been arrested. Families of those arrested have been gathering at Evin Prison or the courthouse in Tehran calling for the release of their children and asking about their situation. The families have been threatened. Mothers of the missing or dead have also been gathering at several parks and have been attacked by security forces.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran has begun collecting people’s grievances against Ali Khamenei via New Channel television station broadcast in Iran and would be willing to hand over the necessary evidence to help with the prosecution of Ali Khamenei.

I look forward to your response and prompt action.


Hamid Taqvaee


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Live Blogging ... Minute by Minute with Revolution!

Mirdamad Street

Enghelab Square is getting busy. Forces are present.
  • Army Unit (IRG) Positioned in front of Interior Ministry
  • Heavy Security Forces at Enghelab Square
  • Guards moving toward Jamalzadeh Cr. and Police replaced at Enghlab Square
  • Army Helicopters flying Over Enghelab Square, Park Laleh and Azadi Street
  • People are gathering at Vanak Square
  • Enghelab Square is not completely closed but police are everywhere trying to locate key protesters amongst crowd
  • Guards moving toward Jamalzadeh Cr. and Police replaced at Enghlab Sq
  • There is no traffic! No security forces around Mohseni and Mirdamad
  • ALARMING declaration by General Hossein Hamedani of the Basij Forces
  • People and Basijis clash in SA’adatabad Enghelab and Tehran University
  • No Mobile Network in Central Tehran
  • Shiraz: Clashes between people and basij in darvaze qoran
  • On 12 Farvardin Street, Tehran 300 people sitting on the ground
  • I just called someone in Enghelab Square. They are protesting safely! No clashes till now
  • Riot Guards moving to Enghelab Sq - Police force being ordered back to bases.
  • Regular Security Forces ordered to leave Enghelab Sq. Guards units taking over
  • People are moving in a stream towards Enghelab from 100 bed hospital/Khomeini Hospital
  • Thousands of people gathered in front of Polytechnic Uni and moving toward Valiasr St.
  • SARI: Large crowd armed with flowers and cameras in center of Sari
  • Basij and plainclothed security at and around Dr. Beheshti Sq.
  • At 5 pm, thousands of people will march toward Valiasr Street in support of political priosoners and will chant " Free Political Prisoners"
  • Basij throwing protesters from pedestrian bridges in Shiraz
  • At Enghelab Sq, people are walking on pedestrian ways. Police forces are there as well and plainclothed security are amongst people.
  • Enghelab Square is packed with people; Basijis are beating people, people are coming from surrounding streets.
  • Police shooting tear gas at people. People are shouting 'down with dictator.'
  • Clashes between police and people in Enghelab Square
  • Clashes reported in Saatad Abad. Hundreds of protesters sitting on the ground in 12-e-Farvardin.
  • Clashes between people who were moving towards Valiasr Square and police forces
  • Clashes near Tehran university, police beating up protestors, tear gas fired
  • Enghelab square is packed with people coming from side streets, Basijis fighting them with batons and tear gas.
  • Thousands of people are marching toward Valiasr square from Politechnic; one person is arrested in Enghelab square
  • People are moving toward Tehran Univ. and chanting 'Don't be afraid, we all are together'
  • Security forces started using tear in Karegar st.
  • Police arrested a girl; they treated her very badly ...They pulled her on the ground on the way to the van . Several people were arrested.
  • Teargas fired at Enghelab Sq.; clashes in Enghelab and Azadi Sq.
  • 2-3000 people now in Revolution (Enghelab) Square in Tehran
  • People and basijj clash at Enghelab Square - people outnumber Basij by 10 to 1
  • Clashes in front of Tehran University and Vanak Square
  • People are joining the demonstration from Imam Hossein Sq. towards Enghelab Sq
  • Police arresting seemingly at random; throwing tear gas into buses.
  • Hundreds of protesters are chanting against the regime in front of Polytechnic University, Near Azadi Sq.
  • Police used Teargas against people trying to push them back at Vanak Sq
  • Protests reported in Tabriz, Isfahan & Shiraz as well.
  • Heavy Clashes at Karegar Shomali St, (Near Enghlab Sq.) Tear gas, fire and blockade...
  • Mashhad: In Imam Reza Shrine people gathered and number of them are increasing minute by minute...
  • Isfahan streets are full of plainclothed forces and people are standing in streets from Khaju Brdg to Siosepol.
  • Next to Tehran University people are chanting 'Down with Dictator' and asking the Police to join them
  • Gathered people at Ferdowsi Sq is increasing; there's a big crowd!
  • More than 30 ppl were arrested againt Tehran University.
  • Gunshots and tear gas fired at Engelab Sq.
  • Esafahan Basijis attacking people with teargas
  • People are attacked and eye witness reported bloody people and teargas.
  • A big group of people are marching in Vesal St
  • Since 6pm some new groups of people have came to streets ...
  • Helicopters moving in around the University
  • From Tehran Uni to beginning of Enghelab St at least 4000 people clapping; full Bassij presence some scattered
  • Police shooting teargas at People in front of Tehran University
  • Heavy clashes in Mohammad Ali Jenah St.
  • People are being arrested brutally in Enghelab, and tear gas is used in Vanak
  • People are booing the bassij and security force as they try to disperse them and shout.. 'shah Soltan Velayat, ur time is up'
  • University slogans: "I will kill the one who killed my brother".."Down with dictator" 'SHAH SOLTAN VELAYAT ur times up'
  • A lot of riot police have came in, and we saw them attacking people, in cooperation with basij.
  • Tehran: Gunshots heard at Keshavarz Blvd.
  • Tehran time: 19:37
  • GunShots heard from Kargar Shomali St
  • ppl in Tabriz move toward Abresan intersection
  • Many of Tehran's shops are closed
  • Clashes in front of Evin Prison
  • Tehran 9 July, Kargar shomali Street - First video from today
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  • Cars in the streets...fires everywhere in Azadi street...Basij breaking car windows
  • An hour ago Mirdamad Metro station sat on fire
  • Fire in Mirdamad getting out of control
  • Ppl attacked Basij in SaadatAbad & Sattarkhan
  • Several people arrested in Valiasr junction
  • Tehran time: 20:30
  • Internet access in Iran problematic and speeds are low
  • After 8PM in Iran still many ppl in street & ppl already chanting from rooftops. Many clashes today
  • Tehran is on fire; numbers of protesters increasing and in some places basij are running from protesters
  • People attacked Basij in SaadatAbad and Sattarkhan
  • People have overcome some basij & taken their batons away. From them you can hear 'Down with Khamenei'
  • Plain clothes police are now pulling ppl out of stores, attacking ppl in streets around Enghelab Square
  • Police fired into the air to disperse crowd
  • Evin Prison: There were executions earlier today. Numbers unknown
Tehran, Keshavarz Blvd. 9 July

  • A police car in Tehranpars has been set on fire
  • We need some doctors to go to Enghelab Sq.; they need help just as people are wounded
  • Amirabad also under fire and Jamalzade lots of injured
  • Many ppl had wounds on their hands from defending themself earlier today, they had no weapons, only their raised voices.
  • Basij forces mercilessly beating people. In Shiraz Basij and Police force suddenly stormed by protesters
  • Cellphones (apart from IranCell ones) blocked
  • Basij used a gas that burned our skins it's still red and inflamed

Chants against Khamenei's Son, Mojtaba, 9 July Tehran

Taleqani-Valiasr, Tehran 8:00pm, 9 July



  • Kaveh Mozaffari was arrested!
  • In Amirabad St , shooting in the air and chanting "Down with Dictator" can be heard at the same time. ppl are on the rooftops and basij in the streets !
  • Plainclothes forces with guns and knives along with organized motorcyclists attacked some of the politechnic dormitories. Plainclothes forces in a attack at Golashan dormitory in Beh Afarin St have beaten up several students and dormitory's guards .