Sunday, 12 July 2009

Latest update

  • At Babol industrial University , 16 people were summoned to the disciplinary committee and detained students are in a precarious situation.
  • Three men were hanged on Sunday in the town of Arak in central Iran.
  • In Saqez city on Saturday security forces attacked the homes of political activists and arrested 32.
  • Sohrab Arabi's body has been handed over to his family.
  • In recent protests across the country, people in Kermanshah protested over several days. Tens of people were arrested in these protests. Some of the detained have been transfered to Dizel Abad Prison and into dangerous sections of the prison. The detainees are as follows: 1.Reza Tavakoli 2. Mohammad Ayoubi 3. Mansour Moradi 4. Ayyoub Nasiri 5. Foad Rahnama 6.Hiva Haji7. Nasrin Kargar 8.Rojin Yeganeh 9. Bahman Mortazavi 10.Shahram Bijani.
  • People in Tehran are continuing to honk their horns at the sight of Basijis - and chanting anti-government slogans while speeding away. Many people drive with their headlights on. Reports indicate that some Basijis are quitting their jobs and are being replaced by fresh recruits, many of them under 18. People travelling to Iran are being targeted at the airport upon entry and are being forced to divulge their Twitter and Facebook accounts so the government can monitor their online activity.
  • Tehran’s Police Chief has declared a state of emergency in parts of Tehran. Iran’s government has removed the head of security of Zanjan Province after reports surfaced that he may be sympathetic to the protesters.
  • Reports indicate that there are 36 journalists in prison. Reports indicate that despite the overcrowding, nearly 150 protesters arrested on July 9th in Tehran were moved to Evin Prison.
  • Iranian courts postponed the court date for seven Baha’is detained in Tehran today.
  • Sheila Najafi , expelled student, poet and leftist activist was arrested in Amol; there's concern about her situation and whereabouts.
  • Pasdaran warn Iranian websites and bloggers not to "create tension"; Twitter, MySpace, Facebook have been blocked ...
  • Iran's military has warned the online media of a crackdown over their coverage of the country's current crisis.The Pasdaran has said through the state news service that Iranian websites and bloggers must remove any materials that "create tension" or face action.
  • URGENT: Life of detained pregnant journalist (Mahsa Amrabadi) in danger!
  • The head of the Pasdaran has warned that the armed forces will not surrender to the protests.
  • Shameless claim of Davoodi, Ahmadinejad's assistant: "the number of political prisoners in Iran is a lot less than western countries."
  • Iran Solidarity will launch tomorrow 13 July from 1230-1330 at the House of Lords in London.
  • Ali Taghipoor, a student of Babol University who was arrested on June 30, accompanied by 6 other students is still in Babol's detention facility; he is one of oldest student activists in Iran.
  • 5 other journalists (Tohid Beygi, Majid Saeedi, Hengameh Shahidi, Somayye Nosrati & Saeed Matinpour) were arrested in Iran and since begining of protests numbers of journalists and bloggers who have been arrested has reached 41.
  • Behrooz Javid Tehrani's life is in danger; Falah the head of security council has told his lawyer: his body is all you are going to be seeing.

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