Friday, 17 July 2009

Protests continue

At the same time as the mass protests in Tehran, the families of political prisoners and the recently detained have gathered at Evin prison. People have also gathered at the Russian embassy to protest that government’s support of the regime. There is a huge crowd at the Ministry of Interior. The security forces have attacked people and there are clashes.

According to a report received at 5pm Tehran time, there is a huge crowd protesting in Rahahan Square. There are reports of a number of wounded, that are being nursed by people. The wounded are not being handed over to ambulances, because it is said that the basijis are in charge of the ambulances and so doctors and nurses have been called to intervene and help the wounded at the demonstrations themselves and for people to let the wounded into their homes.

One of the other slogans people are giving is that ‘Until Ahmadinejad is here; it will be the same.’ Holding pictures of Sohrab, they are also shouting: ‘Our Sohrab isn’t dead; it is the Velayat that is.’

The people’s protests will continue into the night.

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