Monday, 29 June 2009

Important Update

According to the WPI Press Centre and New Channel TV reporters on the ground, the confrontation between protesters and the Islamic regime’s security forces continued into late evening 10pm last night. These confrontations were concentrated in Mohseni, Shariati and all streets leading to Husseineh Ershad, which were packed with protesters, shouting ‘down with dictator!’ Security forces attacked protesters.

Nightly rooftop protest intensifies

In the last two nights the nightly roof top protests have intensified both in terms of length of time and the range of anti-government slogans. The most active parts of Tehran engaged in rooftop protests are Farahzad, Tehran Pars, Sa’adatAbad, Ekbatan, Janatabad, Ponak Square, and Ariashahr.

Abuse of families of the fallen

The Islamic regime has shamelessly been asking for money before returning bodies of those killed to their families. Officials have been charging the equivalent of several thousand dollars from each family.

The numbers of those killed in the last two weeks has reached more than 250. The regime has designated a section in the Behesht-E- Zahra cemetery for those killed in the protests and named it the ‘monafeghin’ section (section for 'hypocrites'). The regime has barred families from burying their loved ones at any other cemetery.


According to the WPI and New Channel reporters, many of those arrested in recent days have been taken to the notorious Evin Prison. There are more than 40 prisoners in each cell of section 240 of Evin prison. They have even packed 3 people in solitary confinement spaces in Section 240 and 241. Section 8 of the prison, which has capacity for 150 people, has been packed with 700 prisoners and there is not even space for sleeping. There are no sanitary and other facilities. Section 7 which is a basement and is used for quarantine is full o f young people arrested in recent years. There are some prisoners who are under 17 and we have received reports that the prison guards have threatened them with rape and sexual abuse.

According to the Committee for the Freedom of Political Prisoners, more than 2,000 people have been detained during the past two weeks. The Committee is compiling a list of the detained.

Protests of the families at Evin Prison

There are daily protests by family members of those detained outside Evin prison. More than 1,000 people congregate there despite daily harassment and intimidation by the Islamic regime’s security forces and Ministry of Information.

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