Wednesday, 24 June 2009

People being shot at and detained today at Baharestan in Tehran

At this point, large numbers of people are moving towards Baharestan Square in Tehran. Some are wearing black armbands and carrying Neda’s picture and candles. The numbers are growing. Security forces have blocked all routes and shut down the metro station. The security forces have started beating protestors, than using tear gas and have begun firing at the crowd. The numbers of wounded is unclear. A young woman has been shot in the neck; many have been detained.

At the court house in Tehran, thousands of family members of the detained are now in a sit-in protest. They are demanding information on the whereabouts of their loved ones detained during the past ten days.

Other reports received today via New Channel TV is that the regime's security is demanding the equivalent of $3,000 to release the bodies of those killed during the past ten days. In the 80s, when Mousavi was prime minister, families of those executed were asked to pay for the bullets used to kill their children.

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