Thursday, 25 June 2009

WPI calls for a freeze of accounts of Islamic regime of Iran's authorities

With the deepening political crisis in Iran and the growing instability of the Islamic Republic in the face of an unfolding revolution in Iran, there is substantial evidence that various authorities, ayatollahs, officials and functionaries of the Iranian regime are engaged in a massive fraudulent transfer of public funds to their private bank accounts abroad.

WPI leader, Hamid Taqvaee, wrote a letter today cautioning all banks and financial institutions. In it, he said:

'1- All such funds are the legal property of the Iranian people and have been misappropriated or obtained fraudulently by the individuals concerned. Any co-operation, assistance and facilities provided by banks in such transactions will be regarded by WPI, the Iranian people and the future Iranian government as complicity in defrauding the Iranian people.

'2- No such accounts must be opened for Iranian officials and their proxies. All information regarding existing accounts must be made public and open to legal scrutiny. All existing accounts must be closed and funds must be immediately frozen. These funds belong to the Iranian people and must be returned to them.

'3- WPI reserves the right to use all means legally at its disposal to put a stop to this practice and expose all parties concerned. This is fraud and money laundering. It is illegal, immoral and indefensible.’

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