Monday, 22 June 2009

WPI calls on heads of states and the UN to break relations with and expel the Islamic regime in Iran

Today, Hamid Taqvaee, the Leader of the Worker-communist Party of Iran, wrote to heads of states and the UN Secretary General on behalf of the people of Iran calling on governments 'to immediately break all political ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran, shut down its embassies and consulates and ensure its expulsion from the United Nations and other international institutions.'

His letter went on to say: 'Recent events in Iran clearly reiterate that the Islamic government has absolutely no legitimacy. It in no way represents the people of Iran. In this crucial juncture in Iranian politics, we call on you to cease legitimisation of and support for the regime. An end to an Islamic regime will help break the back of the political Islamic movement internationally and herald a new dawn for the people of Iran and the world.'

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