Wednesday, 17 June 2009

You know us; Support us!

People of the world!

We are your neighbours, friends, lovers, colleagues, and comrades.

You know us.

We have lived together and fought together – whether for labour rights, against Sharia, for civil rights, asylum rights, against executions and stonings, against cultural relativism, against faith schools and apostasy laws, for freedom of expression, rationalism and secularism, against political Islam and US militarism…

Today, our revolution – the one we have been preparing and waiting for - has begun in Iran.

We need you to support it full force.

The battle you see unfolding on the streets of Iran is not about the farce of an election, though that is what the western media wants you to think. Everyone knows that elections in Iran are anything but. In fact, people are taking advantage of the intensified infighting between the regime’s factions to raise their own demands and they – like the rest of us - want the Islamic regime to go.

And it has to go.

Thirty years of medievalism and brutality is enough.

If nothing else, one thing is clear.

The mass movement that is going to bring this regime in Iran to its knees and break the back of the political Islamic movement internationally has begun.

Your support and solidarity will strengthen this revolutionary movement. Come out and condemn the regime and its brutality; exert pressure on western governments to politically isolate the regime. Join us in front of the Islamic regime’s embassies across the globe to call for them to be shut down. Call for the prosecution of all those involved in the killings, for the immediate release of all detainees and political prisoners, unconditional freedoms, including for organisation, strike and protest, an end to compulsory veiling, a living wage and an end to sexual apartheid. Send your messages to the protesting people of Iran to be read on our 24 hour New Channel TV station. Support us and our party, the Worker-communist Party of Iran.

Mark our words; like racial apartheid in the former South Africa, a regime of sexual apartheid can and will be relegated to the dustbins of history.

The future is ours.

Maryam Namazie
Mina Ahadi
Fariborz Pooya
Bahram Soroush
Mahin Alipour
Afsaneh Vahdat
Abe Asadi
Farshad Husseini
Farideh Arman
Karim Shahmohammadi
Fereshteh Moradi

For regular updates on people’s protests in Iran, click here.

Email your messages to the people of Iran.

You can read the statement being read, here.


  1. زنده باد انقراض نظام ولایت فقیه! اشخاص زیادی پیرو شما در روسیه هستند.

  2. We revolutionaries in the United States are looking for ways to support your efforts to develop "The New Society." It is not about the election per se because *that* is not democracy. We fight for Marx's "revolution in permanence" because we are not Utopians. We will always have struggle, but it should not be about whether or not you have the "right" to live and develop your own human *being" without restrictions having nothing to do with injuring someone else. La Lucha Continua comrades.....

  3. good luck! we support you! from the former yugoslavia

  4. Communism is a failure! Look at the human right violations and political restraint and corruption and repression of communist governments in Russia and China, millions are trying to escape to West!
    By not publishing my previous comment, you prove that you are no different than those mollahs, you don't allow free press, can not even hear another point of view even on your blog, let along if you were to govern, you and your comrades would be another fascistic despotic government, instead of religion you will have bunch of comrad and equality BS and social rehabilitation just like Stalin!
    For a secular multicultural democracy, a free equal society, a liberal , social democratic government is the answer. Not communism!
    Viva liberalism, viva pluralism, viva capitalism and social justice, yes we can!
    It is interesting, why aren't you in Russia or China? If you are a Communist Party advocating for a communist Iran?????
    Isn't it hypocritical that you live comfortably in the middle of Western democracy, enjoying a liberal capitalism and talking about communism?
    Go live in Chechneya, Azerbaycan, Kazakistan, Latvia, Estonia, (see if they care for your communism? or just plain Russia or China or Cuba , see if you are welcomed there!??
    Let's see if you will publish my comment? The hypocrites that you are, I am certain you will not.

  5. RS, There is no social justice in capitalism. Read 'The Shock Doctrine' by Naomi Klein.

    Good luck, Maryam and your comrades.

  6. I just read this comment, above, and I totally agree with it! We in the USA want nothing to do with your "revolution" if you are Communists....You sound like you are insane, and mad men! Are you NUTS or what?!
    From Chicago, Illinois USA

  7. "Capitalism"....Are you talking about that idea that if you get off of your lazy butts and find a job, you can then have a nice house,,nice clothes,,nice furniture,,and everything else good in life?? Thanks but we in the USA LOVE "Capitalism"......How old is the writer of these nonsense storys, 10 or 11 years old???
    Chicago, Illinois USA

  8. One more comment...If the women in Iran would learn how to stockpile AK-47's and other arms,,maybe they would get some respect! Instead of letting barbaric males from the 12 century do their thinking for them. Woman of Iran,,,WAKE UP!!!!!!!
    Chicago, Illinois USA

  9. @ the 10/11 y/o playing grown-up: The entire world can have everything good in life without plundering future generations resources, feeding despotic oligarchs, and wasting most of what we consume. Get off your lazy mind and learn to find a way of life which does not leave toxic assets to your offspring, be it bad regimes or bad banks!

    Capitalism... Communism... what a battle of words.

  10. Of course, if the point is fighting (radical) Islam to install Communism, it is no point. Communism is a Totalitarism, not Democracy, and there is no a thing such Freedom in Communism. Are Iraninans fighting for Communism (a Totalitarism, which in the History made more murdered than Nazism), or for Freedom? (Capitalism AND social Sensitivity exist. So is the West. I understand that a communist Mind can't understand it - just because Totalitarisms turn Minds narrow - but "Right + Left", "Head + Heart" exists). I got here looking for a Way to help Iranians/Persians and ... I must say ... the "Love Poem" to Communism actually discouraged me a lot. Maybe I am the wrong person to support Iranians/Persians, if their goal is to turn Iran into a Communist (Religion/"God's Word" is People's Drug) State, after it has been an Islamic (Religion/"God's Word" is People's Everything) State. I say: "the Party" (Communism) is Opium, and Communism want that "the Party" becomes People's Everything. Just disgusting, dis-/in-human, nothing to do with Freedom. Freedom (mental and phisical) to Iranians/Persians - this is my Wish for them, and, I realize, the best thing for me to do is to empower Democracy, "Capitalism + social Sensitivity" where I am, in order to keep a "safe Place - for People and for Freedom - where to live", once they (People and Freedom) will be eventually fled from totalitarian Governments ...-. Kindest Regards.

  11. We want a democracy and NOT communism. Look up which countries political system is communism... : North Korea, Cuba, ... . They ALL LIVE IN POVERTY and HAVE NOTHING!

  12. I am optimistic...., Iranians aren't in general supporters of communism.
    This "Revolution"(if it really takes place) is a revolution for a democratic republic Iran and not a communist of Iran in which human right violations are even worser than the current regime! Moosavi and Iran for a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN!

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  14. kommunismus ist nicht gleich,was in russland und china vorgeht.wer kommunismus mit kapitalismus in russland und china vergleicht,er hat keine annumg,was komminismus ist.der kommunismus ist der sohn des kapitaismus,ob wir das wollen oder nicht er kommt bald,warten wir ab.keine eile