Friday, 3 July 2009

29 people to be executed tomorrow in Karaj, Iran

According to news received by the International Committee against Executions, 29 people are to be executed tomorrow, Saturday, in Ghezal Hesar prison in Karaj. It has been reported that the 29 have been separated from other prisoners. There is no information on their charges.

The executions are being carried out in order to intimidate people and is directed at the protesting people of Iran.

We are calling for people in Iran and everywhere to condemn the executions and exert pressure to stop them.

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  1. Confrontate them! Would´nt it be great, if oposite or in front of nearly every embassy of Iran in the capitals of the World would be a Display, that nonstop shows the videos of the brutality of the iranian police and other forces and of the tortures and torture-victims and their fake-confessions to make them know "the world knows what you are doing!"