Friday, 12 February 2010

February 11: another defeat for the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Today, Iran and the world - from Tehran, Esfahan, Mashad, Ahvaz to Stockholm, Frankfurt, London and The Hague - were the scenes of powerful and impassioned protests by the revolutionary people against the departing regime of the Islamic Republic.

The regime had summoned all its brutality and mobilised its entire machinery of murder, intimidation and media in the hope of surviving this day. Nevertheless, shouts of ‘Death to dictator’, ‘Khamenei is a murderer’, ‘Political prisoners must be released’ and other radical slogans of the people reverberated in Tehran and many other cities.

Film clips showing the pulling down and stepping on the billboards of Khamenei and Khomeini were shown on the world’s media. Some neighbourhoods of Tehran fell into people’s hands for hours, and some women threw away the Islamic headscarf. Groups of people marched towards Evin Prison, and were only stopped after an attack by the regime’s brutal security forces. Only by unprecedented control and extreme savagery, by turning the state Radio and TV headquarters, Khamenei’s residence and government ministries into virtual fortresses was the regime able to pass the day. In European cities, too, only the heavy presence of the police was able to prevent the Islamic Republic’s embassies from being taken over by massive angry crowds.

The world witnessed the tug of war between the revolution and counter-revolution in Iran. It saw once again how pathetically and viciously the Islamic Republic is fighting for its life in the face of a mass and radical revolution. The journalists who the regime had invited to relay the words of the head of its “dead state”, nearly all made fun of its clumsy attempts in putting up the show rally. Despite the regime’s plans, the international media reported on the repression, brutal crackdown and hired mobs bussed in to the state rally, and the resolve and determination of the people to see the regime off to its end.

February 11 also revealed the absurdity and hypocrisy of the admonitions of the pro-regime ‘opposition’ asking people “not to use force”, and how these appeals practically serve Khamenei and the regime. It was proven once again that the only genuine and the least costly way before Iranian society is the toppling of the barbaric Islamic regime by the power of people’s revolution. After February 11, we shall no doubt see a further polarization of Iran’s political scene, the radicalization of the revolution and a more earnest preparation by the revolutionary people to put an end to the Islamic Republic by their direct revolutionary action.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran sends its greetings to all the women and men who heroically came out on the streets today. WPI fights with all power for the victory of this revolution, the total overthrow of the Islamic Republic and the building of a free and equal society.

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran!

A human revolution for a human rule!

For a socialist republic!

Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI)

February 11, 2010

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