Wednesday, 3 March 2010

International Women’s Day 2010

Summary of WPI Press release on International Women’s Day 2010

This year March 8th, on international women’s day, the attention will be focused on the heroic women of Iran and the revolution of which Neda is truly the international image. A revolution that is against the Islamic regime, the most odious misogynist government in contemporary history. A revolution that is against the hejab, discrimination and sexual apartheid. A revolution where women are at the forefront and their demand for freedom and equality is its undeniable hallmark.

The first and possibly the most effective assault against the 1979 revolution was an unprecedented attack on women. Hell was created to silence the society. The Islamic regime not only pushed Iranian women and society back into the Dark Ages, but started a round of attack on women’s rights all over the world. Attacking women’s rights, the imposition of the hejab and sexual apartheid became the most important characteristics of and a means at the disposal of the reactionary political Islamic movement. This reactionary movement has not only enslaved women through sharia law and hejab in Islamic ridden societies, but extended its sphere of influence into the heart of Europe, with the tacit agreement of the European government.

Hence 31 years of women’s struggle and revolution has rightly attracted the interest of all of the Islamic ridden societies, but also attracted the support of men and women everywhere in the world. This revolution must be a success. The Islamic regime in Iran with all of its sexual apartheid, anti-women and all of its religious laws must for ever be buried. March 8th is one of the most significant moments of the revolution against the Islamic Republic.

WPI calls on everyone to take part in and support this struggle and join the protest against the Islamic regime, hejab, sexual apartheid and misogyny.

Long Live Freedom and Equality!
Long Live International Women’s Day!

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