Thursday, 1 April 2010

TV International: Iran minimum wage, Iraq elections & Jamal Saberi

In this weeks's programme Patty Debonitas and Fariborz Pooya look at the recent change in the minimum wage which has been set at an astonishing low $303 and falls three times below the official poverty line in Iran. We interview Kazem Nikkhah, editor of the weekly Persian magazine 'Anternasional' and deeply involved in labour issues, on the situation of workers in Iran in the current economic climate and the prospects for people.

Patty Debonitas and Fariborz Pooya interview Issam Shukri, leader of the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq on the elections held in Iraq at the beginning of March. We discuss whether there is a change for people in Iraq based on how they have voted and in what way the results reflect recent policy changes by the US and allies.

TV International looks at the International Day of Action that was held on 31 March 2010 to save Jamal Saberi, an Iranian activist and opponent of the Islamic regime of Iran from deportation from Japan to Iran. With clips from the speeches in London and photos from worldwide protests.

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