Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hamid Taqvaee's message to the people of Afghanistan

‘You are leading a path which we hope many others will follow’

Hamid Taqvaee’s message to people of Afghanistan on their protest against executions in Iran

Your powerful protest against the Islamic regime of Iran deserves the highest appreciation. Accept my warmest greetings and respect.

The protest in Kabul last week against the execution of Afghan immigrants in Iran, and the subsequent protest in Jalalabad against the execution of 5 political activists*, accompanied by hard-hitting slogans against the criminals in power in Iran, setting their posters on fire and attacking the Islamic Republic’s consulate, was a fantastic and unprecedented act of solidarity in the struggle of the people in the region and the whole world.

You showed that struggle against tyranny is borderless. Through your slogans “Khamenei, murderer of people in Iran” and “Down with tyranny, both in Tehran and Kabul”, you placed yourselves beside the people of Iran, and within the ranks of struggle of the people of the world against tyranny and reaction. You protested against the execution of those loved ones who, as a woman protester in Jalalabad told the reporters, “fought for the freedom of their country and the whole world.” In this global struggle, people of Iran and Afghanistan, people of the entire region and of the whole world are pursuing a common goal. This is a struggle against execution and repression, a struggle to overthrow tyranny and discrimination and inequality. These are the goals and aspirations of the people of the world; something for which the people in Iran have been waging a fierce struggle over the past year against the criminals ruling in Iran.

With your protests against the executions and the Islamic regime of executions in Iran, you most effectively and powerfully declared your solidarity with the revolutionary movement in Iran.

You are leading a path which we hope many others all over the world will follow, and with our entire capacity we will encourage them to do so.

Once again I salute you and look forward to ever stronger unity and solidarity in the ranks of the freedom-loving people of the world to overthrow tyranny “both in Tehran and Kabul,” as well as in the entire region and the whole world.

For victory!

Hamid Taghvaee
General Secretary of the Worker-communist Party of Iran
14 May 2010

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