Sunday, 18 July 2010

WPI statement on Zahedan bombings in Iran

Friday 16 July 2010

Two suicide bombings outside a mosque in Zahedan yesterday have left scores dead and hundreds wounded. As well as the two suicide bombers and members of the Pasdaran Army, casualties included many ordinary people. The bombings have led to fears among the people and have allowed the Islamic regime to step up its militarisation of the city and of the whole region. The group Jundullah has claimed responsibility, publishing photos of two young people said to be the bombers. The group said the bombings were in retaliation for the recent execution of the group’s leader Abdolmalek Rigi, as well as in support of the “Sunni people”.

This is, however, yet another instance of the war of Islamic terrorists: between, on the one hand, Iran’s Islamic regime, which cannot last even a single day without execution and terrorisation of the people, and, on the other, the Alqaeda-like Jundullah. People, whether stamped as “Shia” or “Sunni”, are the victim of these crimes. They have no interest in this brutal conflict between the Islamic regime and the vile political Islamic forces.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran strongly condemns these crimes, Islamic terrorism as a whole and the massacre of innocent people. WPI calls on the people, regardless of the fake identities that have been manufactured for them, to step up their efforts, hand in hand, for the ousting of the regime, which is itself the source of Islamic terrorism and the system of murder, repression and impoverishment of the people, for a secular, non-ethnic and humanist political system.

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran
Neither ethnic, nor religious, but a humanist state
For a socialist republic

Worker-communist Party of Iran

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