Sunday, 23 January 2011

About the allegations of free elections

People of Tunisia Beware! They want to push you Back Home!

The formation of the transitional government and talking about free elections is coming from the mouths of the same criminals who have spilled the blood of the people of Tunisia for the last 23 years. The masses are still in turmoil and the launch of revolutionary rhetoric about elections, the formation of the interim government, the parliament, and to portray as if everything has returned to normalcy aim in fact to one goal: the return of the rebellious and protesting masses to their homes.

The elections, the release of political prisoners, and open the way for free political activities without any restriction or conditions is part of the goals and demands of the masses and not a favor from the government, which contains reactionary, some of whom are even involved in the killing of people. While calling for the elections, the conditions for achieving free elections are absent. The first of those conditions is to hand in all the murderers and criminals and members of the ruling party, led by Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, and all his ministers and army and police commanders who have committed crimes against the people of Tunisia to a public trial. This is the first condition for elections. The absence of this standard means very clearly that nothing has changed and what changed is just the faces. Changing Faces is a tactic well known and used by the bourgeois in order to absorb the resentment against the symbol of the former regime and bring faces of the same system, but less vocal and important. They are the same forces that want to remain in power and re-produce the same tragedy to the masses of Tunisia; the same hunger and oppression, same discrimination and lack of rights, and same mass unemployment.

Do not accept and be deceived by the sweet talk about what you have struggled and sacrificed for. They did not change events on the ground. You did. Your revolution is worthy of pushing forward until it fully achieves its objectives.

Victory of the Revolution of the masses of Tunisia!

Forward to achieve the revolution’s goals of freedom, equality and prosperity!

The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq – LWPI


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