Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Immediate demands of the revolutionary movement in Iran

An immense revolution is unfolding in Iran. The people have risen to smash the Islamic Republic of Iran's machinery of repression and crimes and won’t stop until this despised regime is overthrown.

To further strenghten the revolution, secure its gains and facilitate its advance for the overthrow of the Islamic regime, the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI) declares the following demands:

1) Release of all political prisoners
2) Public prosecution of those who ordered and carried out the killings
3) Abolishment of the death penalty
4) An end to compulsory veiling and to sexual apartheid
5) Unconditional freedom of expression, organisation, strike and demonstration
6) One million Toman Minimum Wage.

This is the decree of the people's movement for freedom. These are the demands of a people who have come onto the streets in their millions with the slogan of “Down with Dictator.” These are the minimum conditions that anyone who claims to be on the side of people's protests should stand for.

The WPI calls on the people to stress these immediate demands in their demonstrations, assemblies, protests and strikes.

Worker-communist Party of Iran
June 17, 2009

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  1. Worker-commuist Party of Iran = getting out of the fire and jumping into the frying pan.