Wednesday, 17 June 2009

To Iranians across the globe

The struggle of the people in Iran for freedom has spread and the regime is breaking under its pressure.

Tomorrow, Thursday June 18, at 5pm Tehran time, there will be protest rallies in several cities in Iran against the regime's repression and killings. People will demand the identification and prosecution of those who have ordered and carried out the killings.

Come to the scene wherever you are. Tomorrow, simultaneously with the protest of people in Iran gather at the regime's embassies and consulates or parliaments and city centres where you live. Put pressure on governments to condemn the Islamic Republic for its repression and killings. Demand that they shut down its embassies and consulates everywhere.

Freedom loving Iranians all around the world! Rise up against the Islamic regime together with and alongisde the masses of people in Iran!

Hamid Taqvaee
June 17, 2009

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