Friday, 19 June 2009

In response to Mousavi's recent statement

Mirhossein Mousavi said today: “The popularity of certain foreign media is not due to their success in attracting their audience, nor does this show people’s interest in them. Their success is more a result of the current imprudence and highly restricted media inside the country. A government that will not tolerate the voice of its opposition from a few newspapers and media outlets will inevitably direct society to look for other sources outside its borders.”

Mousavi (who was a prime minister at the time of mass executions of political prisoners in 1988) sees the world upside down. He claims that the reason for New Channel TV’s growing popularity is that he and his green movement have limited access to Iran's state-run media. The truth, however, is the opposite. If he is able to exist and express his opinions, this is because the media in the country is completely closed to the opposition, and, above all, due to the fact that for thirty years they have suppressed and slaughtered communists and freedom-lovers in Iran; a bloody suppression, of which Mr Mousavi himself has been one of the main founders and architects.

These quasi-freedom lovers won’t last long. As soon as people’s revolutionary movement breaks through this repressive environment, they and their Islamic regime will be gone.

Worker communist party of Iran (WPI)
17 June 2009

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