Friday, 19 June 2009

Khamenei threatens naked force; WPI calls for an escalation of protests

The supreme leader, Khamenei, issued his warning to the protestors today during a speech at Friday prayers. He called for the protests to end, saying the 'enemies of the system' had entered the scene. His clearly threatened the protesting masses on the streets with brute repression.

In response to Khamenei's speech, the WPI leader, Hamid Taqvaee, said: 'Clearly he is threatening both the people on the streets as well as trying to silence the opposing faction within the Islamic regime. He's threatened to use naked force against the demonstrators. Up to now, though, when he has used force, it has backfired against him and has instead further galvanised protests against the regime. His only option is to bring the tanks and notorious Pasdaran on the streets to confront the mass demonstrations. This is unlikely to be successful.' Hamid Taqvaee stressed that people's option was to escalate their mass demonstrations and protests with clear demands.'


  1. Iran is belong to the persian people. not the religious leader.. so fight for your freedom.

  2. Not sure which is worse: Islamism or Communism.

  3. People have the right to chose their leaders. Religious books can't govern modern progressive societies aiming to be liberated, equal and prosperous. Power to the people!!!