Friday, 19 June 2009

Iran News Update

Yesterday, like the day before, millions came out on to the streets of Tehran. Placards and slogans included: ‘Political prisoners and student prisoners must be freed,’ ‘We don’t want an Islamic republic!’ (jomhury e eslami nemyxaheem, nemyxaheem), ‘We want the prosecution of the killers of the students and people,’ ‘No to violence,’ and ‘Imprisoned workers must be freed.’

Yesterday, Aljazeera TV showed a clip of the millions strong demonstration in Tehran. In the clip, a number of women were seen to be removing their veils.

In the past two days there have also been huge marches in Dezful as in many other major cities.

Yesterday, 600 family members of the detained protestors gathered at the court house in Tehran to demand information on their loved ones whereabouts.

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