Friday, 19 June 2009

Some recent WPI protests abroad

WPI members and supporters gathered in city center of Stockholm, Sweden on June 18. Demonstrators chanted long live freedom and equality, down with Islamic Republic; they carried red flags and banners reading Long Live Freedom and Secularism, Long Live Freedom and Equality, No to Islamic Republic. Demonstrators also distributed pamphlets and made speeches.

On June 18, there was a massive rally organised by WPI in Goteborg, Sweden. The rally went on in central streets. Demonstrators carried WPI banners and red flags, and placards saying No to Compulsory Veiling, No to Bad No to Worse, Long Live a Better World. They also chanted against the Islamic regime and in defense of the people in Iran.

On June 19, the WPI organized a protest in Brussels in front of the European Parliament in order to express their support of the people’s uprising and against the Islamic regime in Iran.

Hundreds joined a massive rally in the center of Toronto on June 19. Protestors chanted slogans against the Islamic regime in Iran and carried banners of Down with Islamic Republic, Long Live Freedom and Equality.

WPI has also called for protest meetings on June 20 in several cities in Germany. In Frankfurt the rally begins at 12.00pm at Hessiche Rundfunk. The protestors will then march toward the consulate general of the Islamic Republic.

In Koln the protest will be held in front of WDR building. The protest begins at 15.00.

In Hamburg the protest meeting will be held at Steintorwall-Wandelhalle at 12.00pm.

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