Tuesday, 4 August 2009

All regime's suppression forces have to be removed from factories

  • All regime's suppression forces have to be removed from factories

Current revolution against IR that has brought millions out to the streets has blown the horn on the end of IR's sovereignty. This situation has brought out a good opportunity for workers class to make a broad movement against IR.

Not only Working class like majority of people aren't afraid of IR, but they have not stopped fighting for their right against ingratitude and their indisputable rights. That is during the jurisdiction and to move forward with their targets have exploit their right and taken their power away. Islamic council and basij and others have ben brought to factories and used against workers. All misery, low income and aggression that IR has used against workers in many different forms, would not have been possible without the use of such force.

Suppressing forces and basij's hand has to be cut off from their organizations and all anti-worker organs have to be disbanded. This is an important step towards disturbing the regime and an effective action and interfere in recent political conditions and current revolution.

In current condition the possibility to export the suppressing forces from work environment is more than ever. Worker's movement is a more prominent movement than others, organization from workers and spectral formations have step up to the plate in and the possibility of people support is more than ever.

In this situation can and must make a move to export all suppression forces. Worker communist party is calling out for all workers nationwide to get ready in solidarity to cut these organizations from their work place. Leaders and activists of workers movement play an important role on throwing out the basij and other organizations, and dissolving Islamic council and such from work environments. All this can be done by passing out flyers, regular formation of public gatherings, formation of strikes in different ways and other ways to have the last word in their wishes and to get public and other organization's support in national and international range for this request.

Worker communist party sees a broad movement a necessity to cut these organizations power over working class and in current political situation and to advance worker's movements against destroyed IR and is calling out to all advanced workers to put organizing this important move in their most important to do list.

Worker communist party of Iran
2 August 2009

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