Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Protests and severe conflict in different parts of Tehran

  1. News coming from Vali-e Asr street and central & north Tehran: despite of large group of militia and semi-militia forces presence in mentioned area which has made kind of "Curfew",there is some clashes between group of protesters and present forces specially conflicts around Vanak Sq reportedly are so severe.
  2. According to our journalist's reports from Tehran city,today in dozens points of Tehran including main squares and high traffic intersections specially in the area of Vali-e Asr intersection and Vali-e Asr Sq to Fatemi sq and from the end of Abbas Abad Street to Vanak sq , anti-riot police forces along with Basij and plain-clothes forces can be seen every where that some eye witnesses even reported number of them in some cases are more than 20 June.
  3. Also witnesses have informed us of several police and anti-riot automobiles and dozens of plain-clothes forces in front of Ministry of Interior in Fatemi street and in front of IRIB in Vali-e Asr street.Official reports also have reported of Mehdi Karoubi's presence in protesters gathering at the end of Abbas Abad street and intersection of Vali-e Asr.
  4. Available reports collection indicates , since 5pm about 2 thousands people have gathered in Vanak sq and in silence .They don't chant any slogans.The large number of militia and semi-militia forces prevented people to do more than walking till 7 pm when the population had reached about 5 thousands.Basij and anti-riot forces attacked people with their batons and pushed people to south of Vali-e Asr street .
  5. Based on this reports, at this time over thousands of people while were chanting in Vali-e Ast street moved from Vanak square towards south. and it was while group of people had gathered at Vali-e Asr sq , Fateni Sq and around Sa'iee park.But just minutes later Basij cyclists and anti-riot police attacked protesters and beaten up everyone in pedestrian road.
  6. There are some news available that states on clashes between protesters with police and Basij and both groups throwing stones towards each other.Some reports indicate around Haqani highway and Jahan Koudak intersection are some conflicts.Same reports are coming from Vali-e Asr and Hafez street's intersection.
  7. There are some more news about firing tear-gas in Vali-e Asr street around Vanak sq and also burning the plastic garbage bins to neutralize the effect of tear-gas.some anti-riot and Basij forced have been seen while they were moving towards Vanak and Vali-e Asr squares.Around Fatemi sq to the beginning of Motahari street also severe conflicts have been reported.
  8. News received from Azadi sq : A spontaneous group of people and without any scheduled date have gathered and have moved towards enqelab sq.In some other points from central and south of Tehran including Jomhouri street and Nazi Abad roundabout also has been reported unrest .
  9. Meanwhile news reaches that between 7 and 9 pm at lots of highways and main intersections such as Parkway, Vali-e Asr intersection , Azadi and Navab intersection , Keshavarz Blvd, Shahid Beheshti St, Haqani, Molla Sadra , Chamran and etc have been a high traffic jam . In lots of high traffic points of Tehran also car horns can be heard which is a symbol of protest .
  10. Reports also show that women and girls like 1.5 months ago were participated in demonstration and protests in large number and were so active and Leading.
Some of today's slogans which were chanting by protesters are as follows :

Crime government / shame on you ,shame on you

leave the country Death to dictator Dictatorship leader

We don’t want your crocodile tears; we don’t want the state of Mesbah

30 year of lies, tricks and robbery

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