Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Long live International Women's Day!

The borderless struggle for the liberation of women

We are living in very special times. The future for millions of people may radically change. These days are magnificent, full of wonder, historic. Peoples’ uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East have brought great hope for fundamental change and a better future for millions of people throughout the region – change that can put an end to dictatorships, one after the other. These peoples’ uprisings are a consequence of widespread poverty, total lawlessness, brutal oppression and social injustice in daily life. Women have faced additional indignities such as sex discrimination, inequality and misogynistic laws. It is therefore no surprise that we see a massive presence of women amidst the ongoing struggles.

In Iran, women are fighting for their human rights side by side with men against the inhuman regime in Iran. In Egypt, women have been an active part of the revolution against poverty and for freedom. And thousands of women took part in the demonstrations in the Tunisian capital on 22 February 2011 and demanded equal rights. These are only a few examples of how women are a major revolutionary force in the ongoing developments which will have their effects on other countries.

Solidarity with the movement for women’s equality becomes increasingly important in light of these revolutions that spill across national borders. The Islamic regime’s overthrow in Iran will mean a great victory for women's rights in the country, and for the secular movement and women's liberation in the Middle East. It will thus be a major step toward the defeat of political Islam and its terrorist actions. Women's rights organizations around the world should stand against gender apartheid in Iran in the same way that they stood against the racial apartheid regime in South Africa.

This year's March 8 carries an important message: a demand to break off all diplomatic relations with dictatorships and misogynistic regimes! Condemn the regimes that are targeted by people’s struggle and expel them from the international community!

Long live the 8th of March!
Long live solidarity with women in Iran, North Africa and the Middle East!
Break off diplomatic relations with dictatorships and misogynistic regimes!
Down with the misogynistic, Islamic regime in Iran!

Worker-communist Party of Iran- Organization Abroad

March 5, 2011

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