Monday 22 June 2009

Continue to send solidarity messages to the people of Iran

Here are some of the solidarity messages to the people of Iran that we have received; we are translating and reading them for people in Iran via New Channel TV station. Continue to send us your messages to our blog. Your support is crucial!


I am astonished of what is happening in Iran. I have the enormous luck of living in a democracy and I wish that your brave cry for freedom will materialize in the success of your protest.

I admire the courage and determination Iranian people are showing.

E. (Italy)


The current regime in Iran is an insulting disgrace to every human being. They are nothing more than a bunch of fascist thugs.

My heart and good wishes go out to all the good people of Iran in their fight to overthrow these criminals and bring them to account.

Nicholas Ward


We stand in solidarity with the people of Iran in their struggle against injustice, dictatorship and fundamentalism and for democracy. We salute their courage and sacrifice to ensure that future generations around the world can live in dignity, security and peace. Our thoughts remain with them in their hour of need’.


Chair of Southall Black Sisters


Dear people in Iran

As Maryam Namazie writes in her call, I know you, at former times at the university as friends, who have been fighting for human rights and against dictatorship in Iran, hopefully and later on with bitterly disappointment about the development during and after the revolution 1979, and as I think the people have been cheated for the results of that revolution.

At that time and later on a lot of you died or "disappeared".

Today I know you as refugees, colleagues, and friends.

I am following with admiration and worried the development in Iran.

I admire you for your courage how you fight against the dictatorship.

You are wonderful people and I hope for you that at this time the people will win however then you are willing to organize your country. This is the matter of the Iranian people themselves.

My heart, my very best wishes und hopes are with you

Martina Zimmeck - Germany


Please send me addresses of embassies and news stations and I will write strong worded letters. Let me know of anything else I can do.

I'm behind you all the way. Keep up the good work!

JS Campbell


People of Iran,

As a single individual, powerless and tiny, I am deeply moved by the unfolding of matters in Iran. Do not surrender to violence. Do not surrender to oppression. Do not surrender to political and religious repression. Iran, a country where civilization probably emerged deserves better.

Writing this email makes me feel even more powerless but it is the least I can do

Jorge Alonso Ortiz


Just want to wish you and your comrades well in the struggle for a free society in Iran.

All the best

Tony Surr



I do hope the evil & oppressive regime falls.

I give my respect to the courageous Persian people who want their culture respected, but do not want to be ruled by theocratic bullies.

Martin Bright


I am a Syrian activist in exile

All our support to the Iranian masses fighting against the repressive regime

Mazen Kamalmaz


The causes of equal rights for women and the freedom to speak openly are towering values that validate your struggle and the many setbacks you will suffer.

Nick Tregenza



Good luck to this movement.

Jean Davies



On behalf of all the people I know, you can add our numbers to your brave, strong women and men. This battle is an unbelievably important cause keep up the good work.

Arcelina Santos


To the people of Iran,

I wish you the best of luck in your struggle for freedom and against totalitarianism. It is something that we can all relate to. The courage of the protesters has been truly inspiring. I am half way across the world, yet reading about your protests and watching the scenes unfold has brought tears to my eyes. I'm not Iranian, but I feel part of your struggle. Seeing the way in which people can stand up for their rights and fight for a better country, and as a result a better world, has made me proud of humanity. I'm from the former Yugoslavia, and I lived happily in a secularist, socialist nation for much of my life. But I had to watch my own country being destroyed by nationalists and fascists. The people who destroyed my country are the kind of people like Ahmadinejad and Khamenei, like George Bush and Dick Cheney, like Pinochet; and all others who ruthlessly cling to power and want to kill progress. It is my hope that you succeed in your fight for a better Iran. My thoughts are with you; you have given inspiration to people all around the world who want change, freedom and equality. Stay strong and continue your fight.

Best Wishes,



I support your fight.

Gena Santos, Canada


People have the right to choose their leaders. Religious books can't govern modern progressive societies aiming to be liberated, equal and prosperous. Power to the people!!!

Ameera, UK


Hold tight and keep up the fight!


Ian, Manchester


People of the World

Unite against fascism. Unite against racism. Unite against sexism.

Fight for the equality of your people. Fight for equality of all humans.

Show the World that Women, Daughters, Girls of all ages are PEOPLE, are HUMANS have RIGHTS.

No Religion, No Belief, NO GOD has the right to take that away!



Regarding your present situation in Iran, like everything else connected to the present day governments, the truth is always hidden from the ordinary people on the pretext that it is for your own good--(i.e. they the government knows what is best,) of course, we in the west have a different outlook on life. some(many) of our believes are not what I personally think is correct, but at least up to now we have been allowed to express our opinions. Our worlds (which will always be different due to generations of our own cultures) may vary, on a great many things, but truth and democracy and obviously common sense, should always be the final goal--we have the same problems with our own government, they allow us to express our opinions, but only if it is something that does not threaten their loss of power, they love to be in charge, they love to raise the clenched fist - here in the UK, I can see serious violent disturbances, arising in the not too distant future, all we can do is wish you the best in your own personal struggle, we are watching you from around the world, look at your present leader in the face-look at his eyes, then step back and look into the eyes of past evil leaders, I have been to unstable countries, and I know, all the leaders want you to do is fight their own personal battles for them, on the pretext of glory for all, --rubbish-- they will continue to accumulate wealth beyond belief, whilst you and your family continue to suffer, their children won’t be sent to the front line to fight, only to save havens, then they are given medals for absolutely nothing at all-- now is your finest hour, if you let it pass by, then you will have lost it for good. chin up-and look the enemy in the eye.

Councillor Eddy Edwards--UK


To all workers and students in the streets of Iran:

Never give up, never give in... The whole world is watching,

For human/workers/women’s' rights,

I stand in solidarity with you,

Roar like mighty lions!


Mark Nevin - Lancaster PA - USA


To Maryam and the men and women of Iran,

My heart is with you in your struggle for freedom. I was in Iran in 1985 and found much love in the hearts of your people and saw much oppression in the actions of your leaders then.

Now I hope the tide has turned. Although the changes you face will demand much sacrifice and struggle you will overcome. Nothing is stronger than a free human spirit and injustice always carries with it the seeds of its own destruction.

Be strong and take care, you are not alone in the world.

With mette



On behalf of English rock band "The Legendary Hearts' I would like to send a massage of hope to the people of Iran.

You must fight for your freedom and never be afraid!!! Keep fighting, then fight some more!!! You WILL win!!!


I am not a communist and I do not believe communism is the answer for Iran or any country. However, I agree with pretty much everything that you wrote.

I have good friends in Iran and I want to wish you all the best in your fight for democracy and freedom. I will do what I can to promote freedom in your land by putting pressure on our own leaders in the best way I am able.

It is clear that the Islamic leadership is interested only in preaching hyperbole and in exercising power over people’s minds. If they cared for truth then they would allow people to choose freely the way they live their lives.

Iran is a beautiful land. I wish you a peace that is greater than silence, a peace which esteems justice and freedom of speech and which embraces everybody, not only the privileged few.

Peace and strength to those who are fighting for freedom and equality.

David Fee, Scotland


To the People of Iran, our Solidarity with his revolutionary movement and Go Out a medieval regime based on brutality, shackling the Freedom.

Freedom & Love




I am wishing you the best.


Sarah and family (London, England)


I hope that the people of Iran succeed in gaining their liberty, and become free to shape their own lives according to their individual beliefs within a peaceful, democratic society.

Alison (Edinburgh}


This was the day we were all waiting for and I hope the stolen revolution of 1979 is taken back from the reactionary forces of the regime of Mullahs. Victory to all workers, socialists and progressive people of Iran!

Oya Biringen


PS-(And, shame on all fake 'socialists' and 'left-wingers' who were either keeping quiet or supporting the Islamists thinking it was an anti-capitalist (!) movement..)


Our organisation wishes to record our support for the People of Iran in their struggle against Dictatorship and Medievalism as well as Western Imperialism

Gordon P. Clarkson


Resistance ' 95


I am with you 100% and thank you for all your efforts. I have been watching with glee and tears of both rage and pride in my eyes as the Iranian people challenge their oppressors, and I can only hope that they have the guts to persist in the face of the hard fist of the Revolutionary Guard that is about to come down on them. To quietly walk away under threat of violence would be the worst possible outcome. How many women have quietly walked away from protesting their abusers because they feared more violence? It is better to die free than to live as a slave. Let there be no mistake: if they persist in challenging the Iranian government, more blood will be spilled. But no meaningful revolution is bloodless. If I could, I'd be right there on the streets with the Iranians risking my own life, because this struggle is not about just Iran, or just women, or just Islam; it is a struggle for the freedom of all humanity, and my brothers and sisters in Iran are at the forefront of a decisive battle in the history of our world. It is a long battle, but a new chapter has begun. And we will win.

But there are two things I must say:

One, the "Worker-communist" Party is an unfortunate name for your party. No one in the western world likes the word "communist", especially in the USA. It is misunderstood and maligned at every turn. It will be difficult for you to draw support from many people just because of the name. I personally have a much more educated idea of what the name means, but that is not common here. I think a simple name change, though not really that simple, might serve you better in the future.

Two, this fight is about theocracy as much as anything. The problem that finds its expression in sham elections and the abuse of women is at its root a problem of Islam. As long as the Iranians and all other liberal Muslims refuse to recognize that Islam itself, and all religion, is a carefully constructed lie used to oppress them from within as well as without, they will be forever lorded over and oppressed by cowards, liars, and fools such as the Ayatollah. Until they can wean themselves away from their addiction to religion, and until his head is on a pike, nothing will really change. People can genuflect in the streets all they want, but in the end the hard, cold reality of a world without Allah must be faced up to if there is any hope of actual freedom. Muslims must free themselves inside before they can demand freedom from the outside world. Finally, I'll say this, and feel free to quote me, "Put down the Quran and pick up the sword, for only one will free you."

But I don't know everything; those are just my opinions. You can take them or leave them according to utility.

Many thanks,

Lucas Perkins


To those who treasure freedom.

I give my whole hearted support to all those who fight for freedom from suppressive regimes. In this 21st century all women should be free to express themselves in complete freedom: no one person owns another and those who suppress women by refusing them choice need to be banished from civil society. As an atheist I have no time for religion, not just because I do not believe in a God, but based on the history of the intolerance shown by the many who do claim to believe. In it's long history instead of bonding mankind together, it has in fact divided due to differing attitudes as to what various factions think is the way to worship. The worst and most unforgivable aspect of this differing approach has been the persecution, torture and murder in the most barbaric ways. Religion was born out of a culture of cruelty and didn't take long to descend into that same cruelty made worse by the sheer hypocrisy of their claim to love they neighbour as thyself-What a joke, if it wasn't so serious!. Rid the World of suppressive, sadistic humbugs!!



Our thoughts are with you all the way!

May you clean your lands of the terror of Muhammad forever!

Ásgeir Ægisson


Thank you, friends, for your words and your actions!

We are doing what we can in Germany to support the people in Iran.

With best regards,

Jonathan Weckerle



  1. all our support to the people in Iran!don't give up and make a better place for your future and together we can make a better world!!
    Alessia, Italy

  2. To the women of Iran: Your courage and strength in the face of great danger restores my faith in humanity. I cry for Neda and all other fallen protesters. You are stronger and braver than I can ever hope to be!

    With Love,
    Jean Adams, California, USA

  3. Having courageous Persian people strength to make freedom and democracy will win. You are our hoping: world could be better.
    So long.
    Stefano, Italy.

  4. IWW(Industrial Workers of the World)-Reno will show support for Iranian Labor as part of international actions called by four major union federations and endorsed by the major Iranian unions who will be holding a general strike Friday June 26th. Reno's solidarity event will be held at the intersection of McCarran and S. Virginia (near Chili's Grill and Bar) at 5 p.m. 'til we run out of energy or the rush hour traffic disappears. All lovers of peace, justice, and liberty are invited; no supporters of imperialist military action welcome. This action was planned before the Iranian elections as support for the repressed Persian unions and is independent of the pro-Mousavi wing of the clerical elite over there and independent of the neocon intervention lobby here.

    Slogans so far:
    U.S. gov't and corporations: Hands off Iran's Revolution!
    Workers' Liberty in Iran, Iraq, and in USA.
    General Strike Iran; USA Next.
    Overthrow Theocracy: in Iran, in Israel, in USA.
    Solidarity of U.S. workers with Iran workers.
    Labor rights are human rights, Iran or USA.
    Full women's equality in Iran, and in USA.
    Gay people need equality in Iran, and in California.

  5. Dear iranian policeman,
    why do you hit your brother?
    He's fighting for you and for your children!
    Dear iranian policeman,
    what is more important?
    The orders or your conscience?
    Dear iranian policeman,
    why have you killed your son?
    You cannot kill the future.
    Dear iranian policeman,
    why have you killed your daughter?
    You cannot stop her VOICE.
    Her VOICE is now the VOICE of millions of people.
    What will you narrate to your grandchildren when you're old?
    Follow your conscience!
    Be part of the change!
    Hey Iran wake up!

  6. I am a believer in Christ Jesus, I am also, a believer in 'true' communism with individual rights. Against theocracy and tyranny in All its forms, as well as misogyny in all its forms, including yes, misogyny that is well documented going on today, within many Marxist circles [North Korea, shame on you, Columbia, stop raping little girls/forcing abortions],

    long time supporter of the people's revolution And of my Christian brothers and sisters persecuted in Islamic and other nations, Iran being one of them, supporter of women's human rights and Yes I am a feminist,

    know I am praying for you and support you, that 'true' faith, is Love, God is Love, that one day, the 'gods' will be overthrown, those that have ruled the earth with power and are nothing but vampires who kill, steal and destroy and consume...

    may the Will of God [and no, its NOT capitalism] as it is in Heaven, be here on Earth, may He heal, all the wounded and broken and those taken captive in Iran...may we all learn,

    that thus far, humanity has failed, that the dogs of war, the dogs of circumcision, the dogs of knowledge that is tyrannical, materialist, theocratical, etc., that someday, our eyes might be opened, to who God truly is,

    that His second command was, 'to Love one another, as thyself'.

    Love does not oppress, Love does not envy, Love does not impoverish, Love does not crush, Love does not condemn...

    nor exploit.

    nor play 'god' as social engineers deciding who lives and who dies either...[oh may we truly learn we have not that right Lord]

    Deliver, the people of Iran from tyranny Jesus, the land of Nebuchadrezzar,

    set them free. May they be a light to the world, to show that there is a better way, separate the sheep from the goats, and may,

    God's Holy Name, and those who have profaned it with violence, misogyny, tryanny and idolatry [greed and that means corporatism], will answer to You on that day...

    set the captives free, all over this world. And may humanity, soon realize, that the answer, is not

    knowledge, it is Love. And we need to learn like Christ lived,

    to those who have ears, let them hear.

    [and to those who may wonder how one can concur with communism and Jesus, simple, read Amos and Acts...imperialism, didn't begin with God,

    it began with, the 'gods'....gods who are rising up again today, to enslave us all if they could,

    but, deliverance, will come. Question is, what do We do, while on this earth?

    Do we judge God, or do we, see the darkness and decide, to choose Love and walk in the light?


  7. To my Iranian Sisters and Brothers:
    Do NOT give up.
    I am watching you, the world is watching you, and we believe in you. When you feel you can fight oppression no longer remember that you cannot let it all be in vain.
    Continue and you will win everything you deserve for your lives.
    With Love,

  8. I wish to send a message of solidarity to the brave people of Iran in their continued fight for freedom and justice. I have been amazed, humbled and uplifted by the courage and sacrifice so many of you have shown in your stuggle against this brutal regime. I pledge to do what little I can and write to governements, and to attend the demonstartions in London in solidarity with your cause. I wish you well and look forward to freedom in Iran for everyone.
    Liz Procter


  10. I want to express my deepest sympathy and solidarity with the people on the streets in Iran, risking their lives to overthrow the brutality, the barbarism and the fascism of the islamic regime. I am with you, I can´t find no words to express how much I adore your braveness, your courage and your humanity. Hopefully a progressive revolution will win, which will defeat that islamic criminals against humanity. Universal Human Rights, Womens Rights, Workers Rights, Freedom of Speech and Secularism have to win!! After all these long years of struggle you deserve to win!! Azadi, Barabari!!

    Tom Selec

    "They built a fire of brushwood"

    In the night over Tehran, where the stars are enraged
    with grief for the Iranian martyrs who gave their lives
    in the streets out of protest against the coup and its thugs,
    there a great fire has emerged from brushwood
    and thorns: The people of Iran.
    In the day, froma a small fire brushwood, a country fire spread,
    and the thorns were the words and fists of the people's voices
    all across Persia, shouting "Death to the dictator!"
    Under the branches of our lives, under the undergrowth,
    has unfolded a great fire moving across the world.

    Luis Lazaro Tijerina
    Burlington, Vermont

    (For The Iranian People)

    Your beautiful face and voice speak out to us
    in the streets, on the rooftops of Tehran,
    O Neda, O Neda!
    Voice of the stars, voice of the earth, voice of the people...
    Your death will be remembered
    where you have fallen, the street is swelling
    with protesters who have taken up your banner.
    Who will ever forget seeing you die bravely
    among those marching in rage against the dictator,
    against the tyrannies in your country!
    Your name is now the "call" to humanity,
    It is our voice for all time.

    Luis Lazaro Tijerina
    Burlington, Vermont

  13. The communist are the enemies of Iran. It is ironic how these commies even care about Neda. They have no country, they do not believe in Iran's flag(except rotten old Soviet's flag), they have no honor or love, why in the world they even mess with the Iranian people. Iranians do not like any ideology. They want a FREE and Democratic Iran, without Islam or Communism. Please stay away from Iran. We do not want you in Iran.