Sunday, 22 February 2015

DROP THE DEBT! Petition in solidarity with the people of Greece. Please sign!

They say Greece owes over €300 billion to the European Central Bank, the IMF and other national and international lenders. This is money that was loaned to Greece’s ruling 1% to "solve" the problem created by the 1%.

People of Greece, the 99%, don't owe anything. They are not responsible for the economic crisis created by the 1%, and they shouldn't pay for it. They have already paid enough through job losses, cuts in pensions and all the other austerity measures. No more austerity! No more liability!

We, the people of Greece, Europe and the world, say to the European Central Bank, the IMF and other national and international lenders:

People of Greece don’t owe you. Drop the debt!

Λένε ότι η Ελλάδα χρωστάει πάνω από 300 δισ. ευρώ στην Ε.Κ.Τ. στο Δ.Ν.Τ. και σε άλλους εθνικούς και διεθνείς δανειστές. Αυτό το ποσό δανείστηκε η κυρίαρχη τάξη της χώρας που αποτελεί το 1% του πληθυσμού για να “λυθεί” το πρόβλημα που δημιουργήθηκε ακριβώς από αυτό το 1%.

Οι υπόλοιποι Έλληνες πολίτες, το 99% του πληθυσμού της χώρας, δεν χρωστούν τίποτα. Δεν είναι υπεύθυνοι για την οικονομική κρίση που δημιουργήθηκε από το 1% και δεν πρέπει να πληρώσουν. Έχουν πληρώσει ήδη αρκετά χάνοντας τις δουλειές τους, βρίσκοντας τις συντάξεις τους κουρεμένες και βιώνοντας γενικά μέτρα λιτότητας.

Εμείς, οι πολίτες της Ελλάδας, της Ευρώπης και του κόσμου λέμε στην Ε.Κ.Τ. το Δ.Ν.Τ. και τους άλλους διεθνείς δανειστές:

Οι πολίτες της Ελλάδας δεν σας χρωστούν. Διαγράψτε το χρέος!

Dicen que Grecia debe más de € 300 billones al Banco Central Europeo, el FMI y otros prestamistas nacionales e internacionales. Este es el dinero que fue prestado a Grecia, en dominio del 1% para "resolver" el problema creado por ese 1%.

El pueblo de Grecia, el 99%, no les deben nada. Ellos no son responsables de la crisis económica creada por el 1%, y no deben pagar por ella. Ellos ya han pagado lo suficiente a través de la pérdida de empleo, los recortes en las pensiones y todas las otras medidas de austeridad. No más austeridad! No más imposición de las responsabilidades!

Nosotros, el pueblo de Grecia, Europa y el mundo, decimos al Banco Central Europeo, al FMI y a los otros prestamistas nacionales e internacionales:

El pueblo de Grecia no les debe. Suelten la deuda!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Message of congratulations on Syriza’s election victory

From Hamid Taqvaee, Leader of the Worker-communist Party of Iran
To Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece

2 February 2015

Dear Alexis Tsipras

On behalf of the Worker-communist Party of Iran, I congratulate you and Syriza on your spectacular victory in the election and the formation of the new government.  Your victory is a blow against austerity and a big step forward for the people of Greece. However, its effects will go beyond one country.  It is a promising return of the radical left to the mainstream political scene and the emergence of a new proactive political communism, which is going to have a decisive impact on the political situation of Europe and the world.  We are already witnessing the positive effects of your victory in Spain with Podemos, and this is only the beginning.

Austerity, as a capitalist solution to the chronic crisis of the system, is against what the 99 percent of the people want and need.  And what is happening in Greece has opened a new window to putting an end not only to this policy, but also to the system that needs and dictates it.  

Every step forward against austerity will bring up the question of the credibility and utility of the whole capitalist system.  Inevitably, the Greek society is going to be polarised on this question.  You are at the beginning of this road; a long and tortuous struggle that can only be won by relying on people and the "power of the street", which has already been a decisive factor in your victory.  In this journey and at every step forward, the people of the world, the camp of the 99%, are with you and standing by you.

In solidarity

Hamid Taqvaee
Leader of the Worker-communist party of Iran