Monday, 8 July 2013

The historic advance of the Egyptian revolution

Statement of the Worker-communist Party of Iran

The Egyptian revolution has taken another important step forward for the people of Egypt, the Middle East and the whole world. The immense Tamarrod (Rebellion) movement, which organised “the biggest ever demonstration in history”, drove the government of Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood to the brink, finally forcing its downfall by the army. This is the third government, after those of Mubarak and Tantawi, which is being toppled by the power of Al Tahrir and Egyptian revolution. This was not only a decisive step towards weakening the Islamist forces in Egypt and in countries like Iran, but, more crucially, an expression of going beyond the limits of democracy and dealing a fatal blow to the myth of the rule of the ballot box, i.e. the rule of the bourgeoisie. The whole world witnessed how tens of millions of women and men came onto the streets in Egypt, directly exercised their will and toppled a government which, although a product of a parliamentary process, nevertheless represented, like all democratic states, nothing but a parasitic and reactionary minority. This is a historic watershed which will bear the name of the Egyptian revolution.

There is nothing more absurd than the laments of the various bourgeois governments about the “loss of democracy” and blaming the “military coup against a democratically elected government”. In fact what they are saddened by is the loss of the option of “moderate Islam” as a result of the advance of the Egyptian revolution. Last week’s events have also shown the failure of the policy of containment of the revolution through the ballot box and by sending people home. In fact, what they are frightened of is the direct will of the people and the advance of their revolution. They are well aware that the army gave up on the Muslim Brotherhood and carried out the coup from fear of the radicalisation of the situation and in the hope of controlling the revolution later. Also, it is generally known that not only during the time of Mubarak and Tantawi but also under Morsi and the present provisional government it has been the army that has wielded the real power.

In order to triumph, the Egyptian revolution in the end has to directly confront and defeat the backbone of the Egyptian state, i.e. the army, which apart from being a military power, is a formidable economic and political power. The magnificent Tamarrod movement and the historic demonstrations of the past few days and the removal of Morsi have placed the Egyptian revolution in a stronger position. Nevertheless, it is clear that the revolution has a winding road ahead. Apart from the army, the Islamists’ power should not be underestimated. The latter has suffered a heavy defeat, but will remain on the scene as an ultra-reactionary force. More importantly, the bourgeoisie in Egypt has a number of other cards in the bag, like ElBaradei, which it will try to pull later. But the greatest danger threatening the Egyptian revolution is if this revolution remains merely an opposition force, and if the gigantic Al Tahrir movement does not transform itself into state power based on the direct will of the people organised in their mass grassroots organisations. The Al Tahrir and the immense movement of the Egyptian people should elevate the exercise of its will from changing governments and toppling the various representatives of the bourgeoisie to taking political power and setting up a new system based on people’s undeniable freedom, prosperity and dignity. Last week’s events proved that Al Tahrir is the strongest and most decisive force in Egypt. The revolutionary people of Egypt should take political power, organise themselves as a state and govern directly. A humane and equal society without discrimination, prisons, executions and poverty, which is the wish the Egyptian people, can only be achieved through such a path.

Worker-communist Party of Iran
5 July 2013