Saturday, 30 April 2011

One World, One Movement!


"One World, One Movement!" This is the theme of the May Day’s march of the workers in Vancouver this year. But is this not the true essence of every May Day gathering in Stockholm, Moscow, London, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Cairo, Tehran and every other corner of this world? For nearly two centuries we have known that together we are “one movement and one world.” We have known that this world is built on our shoulders, and the richer we make it, the lesser our share of the wealth we produce becomes. We have known this, and generation after generation has fought to change this upside-down world. But there is a different clang to the slogan "One World, One Movement" this year.

The campaigns we have witnessed in the past year in France, Britain, United States, and Greece, as well as the chain of revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and the whole of North Africa and the Middle East region, open a different horizon in front of us. After nearly three decades of the most reactionary bourgeois forces being on the offensive, now a different discourse begins in the world. Since the 80s of the past century, the world’s political arena has been the scene of undisputed ravages of the "free market," the "New Right," the "New World Order," the "War on Terror" and capital’s undisputed attack on the achievements, livelihoods and rights of workers and deprived masses across the globe. This situation is now changing, and revolutions, the overthrowing of dictators by the force of revolutionary people, the mass involvement of millions to determine their own destiny are among those serious factors contending for influence in the global political arena . It is under these circumstances that the slogan of "One World, One Movement" in the workers' May Day march finds new meaning: This world needs a united global movement to free itself. The force that intends to lead and is capable of leading this movement to victory is the struggle and unity of the working class across the world.

Comrades, wherever in the world you are, unite! We can neutralize the bourgeoisie's dirty tactics - ethnicity, religion, color, gender, “national interest,” and so on - to create division in our ranks. We share the same destiny and need each others' help. We depend on your support for victory over the Islamic Republic and the establishment of freedom and equality in Iran. But our victory is definitely yours too. Join hands and unite ever more determined. Unite for the emancipation of the world and all humanity from the yoke of capital’s exploitation and dictatorship. Today, the world more than ever needs to respond to this call of the Communist Manifesto: “Proletariat of the world unite!"

Worker-communist Party of Iran

April 27, 2011

یک جهان، یک جنبش!

"یک جهان، یک جنبش"! این تم راهپیمایی کارگران ونکوور در اول ماه مه امسال است. ولی مگر مضمون واقعی اجتماعات اول مه در استکهلم، مسکو، لندن، پاریس، توکیو، پکن، قاهره، تهران و چهارگوشه جهان جز این است؟ نزدیک دو قرن است که میدانستیم "یک جنبش و یک جهان" هستیم. میدانستیم که جهان را بر دوش ما میسازند و هرچه آنرا بهتر می سازیم سهم ما از آن کمتر میشود. میدانستیم و نسل اندر نسل برای تغییر این جهان وارونه جنگیده بودیم. با اینهمه شعار "یک جهان، یک جنبش" امسال طنینی دیگر و رنگ و بویی تازه دارد.

در یکسال گذشته ما شاهد مبارزاتی در فرانسه، انگلیس، آمریکا، یونان و همچنین زنجیره ای از انقلابات در مصر، تونس و کل منطقه شمال آفریقا و خاورمیانه بوده ایم که افق دیگری در برابرمان می گشاید. پس از نزدیک سه دهه تعرض راست ترین نیروهای بورژوائی، گفتمانی متفاوت در جهان آغاز میشود. از دهه ٨٠ قرن بیست جهان عرصه تاخت و تاز "بازار آزاد"، "راست جدید"،"نظم نوین"، "جنگ تروریستها" و حمله بلامنازع سرمایه به دستاوردها، معیشت و حقوق کارگران و توده های محروم در سراسر جهان بوده است. اکنون این وضع عوض میشود و انقلاب، پایین کشیدن دیکتاتورها به نیروی مردم انقلابی، دخالت توده های میلیونی برای تعیین سرنوشت خود، و نظیر اینها به فاکتورهای جدی در سیاست جهان تبدیل میشود. در این فضا است که طنین شعار "یک جهان، یک جنبش" در صف اول مه کارگران معنایی تازه می یابد: این جهان برای رهایی خود نیاز به یک جنبش جهانی و واحد دارد. آن نیروی مادی که میخواهد و میتواند چنین جنبشی را به پیروزی برساند مبارزه و اتحاد طبقه کارگر در سراسر جهان است.

رفقا، در هر کجای جهان هستید یک صف شوید! حربه های کثیف بورژواها برای ایجاد تفرقه در صفوف ما برپایه ملیت، مذهب، رنگ، جنسیت، شغل، "منافع ملی" و غیره و غیره را کاملا خنثی کنیم. ما همسرنوشتیم و به کمک یکدیگر نیاز داریم. ما روی حمایت شما برای پیروزی بر جمهوری اسلامی و برقراری آزادی و برابری در ایران حساب میکنیم. اما پیروزی ما قطعا پیروزی شما نیز هست. گامها را استوارتر و بازوها را درهم فشرده تر کنید. برای رهایی بشر و کره زمین از یوغ استثمار و دیکتاتوری سرمایه متحد شوید. جهان بیش از هر وقت به تحقق این فراخوان "مانیفست کمونیست" نیازمند است: "پرولترهای همه کشورها متحد شوید!"

حزب کمونیست کارگری ایران

٢٧ آوریل ٢٠١١

Monday, 18 April 2011

Against death sentences in Iran - Friday 22 April

Protest unanimously against the death sentences in Iran

on Friday, April 22!

The Islamic regime is holding capital punishment as the sword of Damocles over the society, in fear of the people's uprising and its overthrow. To confront mass protests of the people, the regime executes a number of dissidents on various occasions in order to spread fear in the society and maintaining its power. The regime has announced that Shirkoo Moarefi will be executed and then came news that it is likely even HabibLatifi to be executed. On the other hand, it is said that over 100 people will soon be executed in Isfahan . These measures are part of the intensification of the current atmosphere of intimidation on the verge of May day, when the people take to the streets. Rise against the regime, the capital punishment and the death sentences in Iran !

The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the most bestial regimes in the world. Without oppression and murder the regime will not even a single day be able to remain in power. We can wrest the sword of the regime out of its hand by a united and global mass protest.

Freedom-loving people!

Friday, April 22 is the day of the mass protest against executions in Iran . Organize demonstrations with your friends wherever you are or participate in the protest action called upon in your city.

Human rights organizations!

Protest stronger than ever against the assassins ruling in Iran , against the capital punishment and the death sentences and in favor of freedom of political prisoners! Join manifestations on April 22! Your support strengthens the Iranian people's struggle against the regime.

Just as the Nazi regime, the Islamic regime is a great shame for humanity and any kind of relation with it is shameful. Demand from your government to end its diplomatic ties with the regime and close the embassy and/or consulates of the regime. Demand that the Islamic Republic of Iran be expelled from the international community!

Worker-communist Party of Iran – Organization abroad

April 10, 2011

Secretariat of Worker-Communist Party of Iran Abroad Organization

wpiranabroad (at) ymail (dot) com
T el: +49 172- 4044323