Friday, 21 August 2009

Women's campaign against rape and torture in Islamic Republic of Iran's prisons!

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    According to reports published about the Islamic Republic’s prisons, demonstrators arrested in the recent uprisings, particularly those in Kahrizak Prison have been gang-raped and the prison guards have put them under medieval tortures. Many of the detainees, female or male, have died in rape rooms as a result of being repeatedly raped, due to rupture of uterus or rectum and intestinal bleeding. Still others, in or out of prison, are suffering from the resulting physical and psychological traumas of these acts of violence. We know that the torture and raping of prisoners are not confined to Kahrizak and to the recent events. Executions and murder of prisoners, rape and torture in the Islamic regime’s prisons are as old the regime itself.

The Islamic Republic is denying that rape is happening in its prisons because they fear facing the people in Iran and the public opinion in Western countries. The spread of the news of the rape and torture of the recent detainees has led to a wave of disgust and hatred against the Islamic regime in Iran and across the world. Exposure of and the fight against rape and torture in prisons are important tasks for the freedom demanding movement of the people of Iran.

In the prisons of the Islamic Republic many women have been raped and murdered and those who have survived are now suffering from severe physical and psychological injuries.
Zahra Bani Yaghoub, Azar Al Cana'an and Roya Toloui are some of these people. But also detained young boys and adolescents have been raped by the Islamic regime of Iran. Students who were arrested for protesting have been raped, or sexually abused with objects such as bottles.

We condemn these crimes. We have to prevent such atrocities by widespread protests. In this revolutionary situation we should make sure that the victims of these medieval tortures are able to expose these crimes through their testimonies and indictments. We will publish the accounts and cases of these terrible crimes and submit them all to relevant international organisations, legal bodies and committees against torture. We will not allow this crime in Iran to be forgotten as it has happened in Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Bangladesh or Japan through the passing of time or for it to become a taboo to speak about.

The immediate demands of our campaign are as follows:

1. We demand that torture and rape by the Islamic Republic be condemned as crimes against humanity;

2. We demand that those responsible for and those carrying out the rape, torture, murder and violence in the prisons of the Islamic Republic in recent times and over the last thirty years be put on trial;

3. We demand that all the torturers, interrogators and rapists in the prisons of the Islamic Republic be publicly identified;

4. We demand the release of all political prisoners and the closing down of all public and secret prisons and detention centres;

5. We demand the medical treatment of all prisoners who have been victims of torture and rape, and the provision of the highest possible medical care and treatment facilities for their physical and psychological rehabilitation;

6. We demand the abolition of the death penalty and stoning and the revoking of the Islamic Republic's penal code and the punishments contained therein;

7. We demand the recognition of the right to life and citizens’ immunity against any physical or psychological abuse;

8. We demand a system of justice in which violation of the human body and mind, child abuse and violence against women is regarded as a more severe crime with more severe penalties than crimes against property and property rights.

Join our campaign! This campaign belongs to all freedom-demanding people regardless of border and gender distinctions. Help us to expose and follow up the recent crimes. We will be informing people in our subsequent announcements about planned demonstrations, meetings and campaign actions.

15 August 2009

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Mina Ahadi, Mersede Qaedi , Mehrnoush Mousavi, Maryam Namazie, Shahnaz Morattab, Farideh Arman , Mahin Alipour, Afsaneh Vahdat, Nazanin Boroumand, Nina Taban, Mahin Darvish Rohani, Maryam Sadeghi, Pouran Azimi, Roya Bahreini, Azar Mousavi, Fariba Karimi, Farideh Karimi, Khanom Karimzadeh, Shahla Khabbaz Zadeh, Parvin Mo'azi, Fahimeh Ghotbi, Soheila Kiani, Shamsi Zakeri, Kolsoum Khoshbakht, Zari Asli, Parvin Salimi, Farzaneh Derakhshan, Farnaz Qobadi, Fariba Abolhosseini, Hava Bazr Afkan, Golnaz Shahryari, Sima Aram, Nasrin Abdi, Mitra Kamdin, Sima Bahari, Giti Aqajani, Azadeh Aqajani, Parisa Salimi, Marjan Vaez, Azar Pouya, Roxana Bahreini, Farangis Shadravan, Farzaneh Shadravan, Manijeh Etmami, Andishe Alishahi, Soheila Khosravi, Anita Farzaneh, Dariush and Hana Afshar, Mehran Mahboubi, Mohammad Mousavi, Fariba Davoudpour, Najibeh Fatehi, Sattar Mohammadi, Sabri Amir Hosseini, Fatemeh Kalvani.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

CYO News #1

  • Anti Government Protest Continues in Tehran
Yesterday on Mordad 21st (August 12th) in response to the internet summons for gathering in streets around the Tehran markets; a large number of people gathered in differnet part of the city. People were chanting against the government, Ahmdinejad and the dictator Islamic regime. They were chanting “down with the dictator”, “this government is not legitimate”, “political prisoners must be free”. Police along with security forces armed with baton and tear gas attacked people. Protestors fought back by yelling and “howing” at them. According to news received from Iran, people with much stronger mentality, are fighting back against the suppressor forces of regime.
  • A large group of University Students were Summoned to disciplinary Committee
Last week and while the universities were closed, large number of students of Elm va Sanat and Boo Ali Sina universities were summoned to the disciplinary committee and altogether, students were suspended from education for 20 semesters. More than 100 university students from Semnan, Mash-had, and Tabriz universities, 12 from Babol’s Sanati university, 6 from Azad university of Shahre Ray, and also Tarbiate Moalem and Poli Technique universities of Tehran were summoned to their respective university disciplinary committee and majority were punished by suspending from education from 1 to 3 semesters.
  • An Ambiguous Situation of the recent dead Student’s Mother
After 40 days since the death of Pooya Maghsood Baigi during the arrest and tortures in the prison of Kermanshah, his mother begun with a strike in front of the security office of this city. She was taken away from this place and no one has any information of her situation.

Pouya, medical student of Kermanshah University, was arrested by the security forces on Khordad 30th and during the unrest after the presidential election. He was savagely tortured in prison and died soon after he was released.

His mourner mother in “plead for justice” gets her body soaked in mud and alone, begins with a strike in front of the security office, which she gets taken away during the first night at10 pm. There is no news published as for her captivity place.
Mrs. Nowzari had lost her husband when she was young and had raised her kids by working hard and sewing. While she was getting ready for her first child’s graduation (Pooya) she lost him to a disaster. “Her relives and friends are under lots of pressure and have been made silent”.
  • The attack of the Militia forces to Burial Ceremony of Killed University Student
Kianoosh Aasa, Mastering in chemical engineering in Elm va Sanat university of Tehran, disappeared during the protest on Monday Khordad 25th at Azadi Sqr. His body was found a week later on Tir 3rd at the morgue and was identified by his family. He was hit with two gun shots and died because of it.

Friends and families of Kianoosh were attacked by the militia forces during his burial ceremony. They event attempt to arrest his brother, who gave a speech at his ceremony; but they were faced with people’s resistance. The regime forces attacked people with baton and tear gas, but people in return chanted against the dictator Islamic regime.
  • Self-burn due to Poverty and inhuman behavior of Islamic regime of Iran
Last week on Mordad 19th, in Marivan one of the border cities of Iran; property of one of the citizen of this city whom is a paddler gets confinement by the government officers. This citizen due to poverty is forced to paddler to be able to live life, reports to the municipality and the mayor of Marivan to get his property and his car back. However, he is not able to get anything back. This citizen, threatened the mayor of Marivan that he will burn him self to death if he doesn’t get his properties back, which gets faced by an inhuman behavior by the mayor. He loses hope and then by getting a gallon of gasoline sets himself on fire right in front of the municipality of Marivan. Sadly, he dies due to severe burning. A group of employees of Municipality of Marivan are gone on strike due to this inhuman behavior and have asked for dismissal of Jafar Talan the mayor of Marivan.
  • In few cities in Germany, more than 1000 people gathered and protested against the cooperation of Nokia with the Islamic Republic of Iran
While in Iran people are protesting and fighting in the street of different cities; to bring an end to the crimes of the Islamic Republic; few German companies, such as Nokia-Siemens and few other companies are selling spying technology, controlled mobile phones and electric batons to this regime and are participating with them in committing crimes against the people of Iran. Due to these facts, with an invitation by some Iranian/German organizations in different cities of Germany, people gathered and protested against the IRI and the cooperation of these companies with Iran. In Berlin, Berman, Göttingen, Frankford, Homburg and Koln 1000 of people gathered in the streets and chanted against the IRI and the cooperation of different German companies.

  • Rape is the Current way to Torture Prisoners in IRI Prisons
During the protest and fights of people against the IRI during the past 2 months, thousands of people have been arrested and hundreds have been killed. While the police of Iran slowly publish the name and the number of killed, there is not an exact number just yet. The killed people are those whom were shot by gun in the street, or under torture in prison, which roughly the number of the second group is a lot more than the first group. Those released from prison are reporting of mid-ages tortures as well as raping the prisoners.

The intensity and extend of torture is so much that has made the authorities to confess. Karrobi, one of the candidates for the presidential election and someone who has been part of the regime since the beginning and has held important responsibilities, in a letter to Rafsanjani who is also part of the authorities, has asked for investigating this problem.
  • Wedding Ceremony with Teargas and Baton
At the City of Birjand southeastern Iran, government officers attacked the participants in a wedding and wounded 7 people. The government officers were trying to stop the wedding, but were faced by the participants, which they attacked them with teargas and batons. After the people of this city found out about this incident, went to the place of the wedding and protested while chanting against the dictator regime, they also got attacked by the government officers.
  • What’s happening in Iran?
By: Navid Minaee

The people of Iran, after what they call it Islamic election and as an excuse to protest against the obvious fraud in election; gathered in Millions in the streets of Iran. No doubt that people were objecting to the result of the election. People were objecting to a government, which has played with their sense of intelligence to be able to continue with its suppression politics via the Ahamdi Nejad for the next 4 years. Ahmadi Nejad whom has entered the politics stage in Iran with the platform of wide suppression and censorship of any objection; during the first 4 years of his presidency has faced workers strike, women and youth protests against the mid-ages rules of Islam, poverty, miserable situation, inflation and unemployment. Instead, he has large investments in riot police. Police maneuvering in Tehran which is an unlikely politic act of any government to face the protesters is one of the Ahmadi Nejad’s ways to suppress people.

However, the people of Iran have been under the must severe suppression of the Islamic government, 30 years of group execution, mid-ages tortures, rape in prisons, life under the line of poverty, living under the old and retarded Islamic rules. Today they are on the streets in millions and can’t be out there to protest against the result of the election only! You can’t expect people to live in the hell of Islamic government and yet be on the side of one of the parties of the same government and want the Islamic regime to tell them what to wear, eat, who to sleep with and what color cloth to wear.

The main chant of people in the recent protests is “down with the dictator”. People objecting to the dictator regime; a regime which has hold them under the line of poverty and plunders the public property, doesn’t count women as a human, prisons the youths due to happy color of their cloths and their personal relationships, rapes them and secretly kills them in the prisons. The people in Iran are objecting to the dictator regime that doesn’t give the workers their basic rights and causes their families to fall a part, expansion of poverty, obscene and drug addiction, while the authorities are owners of unimaginable wealth. The people of Iran have announced numbers of times “we don’t want an Islamic government” this is the chanting of people in the streets of Iran.

No one can believe that people came to the streets knowingly that there is a danger to their life for the presidency of Moosavi, while thy know Moosavi was the first prime minister of the IRI. Moosavi was the person responsible, during the darkest ages of the regime, while in the 60’s thousands of political prisoners were executed.

By a look to the crimes committed by the Islamic regime during the past 30 years, suppression of objectors, suppression of youth for happiness, forcing poverty upon millions of people while the high authorities and billionaire Aiatolla’s robbing public properties; and on the other side million of people protesting by chanting “down with the dictator” and “we don’t want an Islamic government”, if anyone claims that the people of Iran still wants one of the parties of these inhuman government, while they have been part of if not the high authority; first of all has denied all the crimes committed by the Islamic regime and second of all, has insulted the people of Iran, and more importantly is against the fight of the this people for having a better human like life, free, happy and save and far a way from inhuman laws of Islam.

The people of Iran, from the beginning of this regime have not accepted this government and with any opportunity have attempted to bring down the Islamic regime, which rose from history’s graveyard with inhuman laws. Today is the day to bring down the Islamic regime and a celebration day for the people of Iran. According to news, people have more self confidence. They feel the power and unity and will not stop protesting until the death of the Islamic regime.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Ahmadinejad, diplomacy and supporting freedom in Iran

Watch the latest WPI Press Centre briefing on the swearing-in of Ahmadinejad as president for a second term. Patty Debonitas interviews Hamid Taqvaee. Watch here.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

All regime's suppression forces have to be removed from factories

  • All regime's suppression forces have to be removed from factories

Current revolution against IR that has brought millions out to the streets has blown the horn on the end of IR's sovereignty. This situation has brought out a good opportunity for workers class to make a broad movement against IR.

Not only Working class like majority of people aren't afraid of IR, but they have not stopped fighting for their right against ingratitude and their indisputable rights. That is during the jurisdiction and to move forward with their targets have exploit their right and taken their power away. Islamic council and basij and others have ben brought to factories and used against workers. All misery, low income and aggression that IR has used against workers in many different forms, would not have been possible without the use of such force.

Suppressing forces and basij's hand has to be cut off from their organizations and all anti-worker organs have to be disbanded. This is an important step towards disturbing the regime and an effective action and interfere in recent political conditions and current revolution.

In current condition the possibility to export the suppressing forces from work environment is more than ever. Worker's movement is a more prominent movement than others, organization from workers and spectral formations have step up to the plate in and the possibility of people support is more than ever.

In this situation can and must make a move to export all suppression forces. Worker communist party is calling out for all workers nationwide to get ready in solidarity to cut these organizations from their work place. Leaders and activists of workers movement play an important role on throwing out the basij and other organizations, and dissolving Islamic council and such from work environments. All this can be done by passing out flyers, regular formation of public gatherings, formation of strikes in different ways and other ways to have the last word in their wishes and to get public and other organization's support in national and international range for this request.

Worker communist party sees a broad movement a necessity to cut these organizations power over working class and in current political situation and to advance worker's movements against destroyed IR and is calling out to all advanced workers to put organizing this important move in their most important to do list.

Worker communist party of Iran
2 August 2009

Protests and severe conflict in different parts of Tehran

  1. News coming from Vali-e Asr street and central & north Tehran: despite of large group of militia and semi-militia forces presence in mentioned area which has made kind of "Curfew",there is some clashes between group of protesters and present forces specially conflicts around Vanak Sq reportedly are so severe.
  2. According to our journalist's reports from Tehran city,today in dozens points of Tehran including main squares and high traffic intersections specially in the area of Vali-e Asr intersection and Vali-e Asr Sq to Fatemi sq and from the end of Abbas Abad Street to Vanak sq , anti-riot police forces along with Basij and plain-clothes forces can be seen every where that some eye witnesses even reported number of them in some cases are more than 20 June.
  3. Also witnesses have informed us of several police and anti-riot automobiles and dozens of plain-clothes forces in front of Ministry of Interior in Fatemi street and in front of IRIB in Vali-e Asr street.Official reports also have reported of Mehdi Karoubi's presence in protesters gathering at the end of Abbas Abad street and intersection of Vali-e Asr.
  4. Available reports collection indicates , since 5pm about 2 thousands people have gathered in Vanak sq and in silence .They don't chant any slogans.The large number of militia and semi-militia forces prevented people to do more than walking till 7 pm when the population had reached about 5 thousands.Basij and anti-riot forces attacked people with their batons and pushed people to south of Vali-e Asr street .
  5. Based on this reports, at this time over thousands of people while were chanting in Vali-e Ast street moved from Vanak square towards south. and it was while group of people had gathered at Vali-e Asr sq , Fateni Sq and around Sa'iee park.But just minutes later Basij cyclists and anti-riot police attacked protesters and beaten up everyone in pedestrian road.
  6. There are some news available that states on clashes between protesters with police and Basij and both groups throwing stones towards each other.Some reports indicate around Haqani highway and Jahan Koudak intersection are some conflicts.Same reports are coming from Vali-e Asr and Hafez street's intersection.
  7. There are some more news about firing tear-gas in Vali-e Asr street around Vanak sq and also burning the plastic garbage bins to neutralize the effect of tear-gas.some anti-riot and Basij forced have been seen while they were moving towards Vanak and Vali-e Asr squares.Around Fatemi sq to the beginning of Motahari street also severe conflicts have been reported.
  8. News received from Azadi sq : A spontaneous group of people and without any scheduled date have gathered and have moved towards enqelab sq.In some other points from central and south of Tehran including Jomhouri street and Nazi Abad roundabout also has been reported unrest .
  9. Meanwhile news reaches that between 7 and 9 pm at lots of highways and main intersections such as Parkway, Vali-e Asr intersection , Azadi and Navab intersection , Keshavarz Blvd, Shahid Beheshti St, Haqani, Molla Sadra , Chamran and etc have been a high traffic jam . In lots of high traffic points of Tehran also car horns can be heard which is a symbol of protest .
  10. Reports also show that women and girls like 1.5 months ago were participated in demonstration and protests in large number and were so active and Leading.
Some of today's slogans which were chanting by protesters are as follows :

Crime government / shame on you ,shame on you

leave the country Death to dictator Dictatorship leader

We don’t want your crocodile tears; we don’t want the state of Mesbah

30 year of lies, tricks and robbery

Monday, 3 August 2009

Iran Solidarity is calling for volunteers to carry out daily acts of solidarity with the people of Iran every day for the next 365 days

From Iran Solidarity:

Since July 27, we have had one person in Trafalgar Square’s Northern Terrace (London) every day from 1800-1830 to show their solidarity with the people of Iran. This past week, academic Marzieh Asqari, Iranian Secular Society head Fariborz Pooya, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, Professor Jack Cohen, labour activist Alfonso Cuiffini, ex-political prisoner Mersedeh Ghaedi and political activist Jalil Jalili were there. You can see photos and film footage of their actions in front of the National Gallery on our blog, which is updated daily:

If you would like to contribute to these daily acts during the next 365 days, contact us. You would need to stand alone, be over 16 years of age, and spend the half hour doing whatever you’d like to show your support and solidarity. You can speak, do something silently, hold something up that you have prepared and brought with you, read a poem, show a painting, sing, wear a Neda mask, do an act... There will always be another volunteer there to provide support, distribute Iran Solidarity leaflets, and photograph and or film your action. To take part in one of the daily actions or volunteer to help us organise them, just call or email us.

If you do not live in London and want to take part or organise acts of solidarity in other cities contact us so we can help you. You can also organise a flash mob that can highlight the situation in Iran, set up information tables or mobilise support for our campaign. You can set up Iran Solidarity groups at your schools and universities, neighbourhoods and workplaces – similar to the anti-apartheid groups that helped get rid of racial apartheid in South Africa. Iran Solidarity Vancouver in Canada has already been launched on July 31 and others have contacted us about setting up branches in their localities.

Moreover, you can sign up to Iran Solidarity if you haven’t already done so and get others to do so, volunteer your time and skills, donate and raise funds or help organise speaking tours and public meetings.

We have a responsibility and duty to unite to support a hugely important movement in Iran that will help the people of Iran and the world in heralding a new dawn.

To donate to our efforts via paypal or cheque, click here:

For more information, visit our website: or blog: or contact:
Maryam Namazie
Campaign Organiser
BM Box 2387
London WC1N 3XX, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 7719166731