Sunday 21 June 2009

Khamenei responsible for Neda's murder

Neda, a young woman who was watching the protests in Tehran yesterday morning was shot dead by the regime’s baseeji militia. Yesterday, along with Neda, 30 others were killed and 300 wounded. There are reports that the security forces were arresting the wounded from their hospital beds.

Ali Khamanei is personally responsible for Neda’s death and the death of protestors.

Yesterday, the people’s solidarity was truly immense. They provided support, gave shelter and offered food to the protesters all day until late at night. Demonstrations took place, in many parts of Tehran, Shiraz, Rasht, Isfahan.

According to the WPI Press Office, Neda's surname is Soltani; she is an employee of Radman Tour and Travel Agency.



  2. Irans wretched thugs. A sniper picking off a women in the crowd..what an utterly disgusting, cowardly, pointless, miserable act....i hope her life will not be in vain. I hope there will be a revolution to bring these ghastly people to account... I saw this at 07:15 at the start of my shift and i dont know how i can do the next 12 hours in such anger....

    Nicholas Ward

    London 21/06/09

  3. Revolution martyres are immortal
    The time will come when murderers are drowned in the blood they spill
    a worker from istanbul

  4. God bless Neda’s sole, her death will not be in vein. The pictures of those directly responsible for shooting of innocent people in Iran must be captured and displayed to the world via the internet. Once those thugs realise they are on the world stage, they will fear the day of reckoning soon to come.

  5. Forward brothers and sisters of Iran! The workers of Indonesia is supporting you.

    Your fight will shake the fundamentalists in our home country.

  6. neda we will continue with them they have to go they dont want to beliv the truth we are not in iran but i support all iranian from london i am very sarry for your family nadia

  7. Neda will live forever in the hearts of all freedom-loving people everywhere! Death to the cleric-dominated, islamist mysoginist heterosexist imperialist fascist regime that dares call itself a "republic."

  8. I am very sad for those who have died for the noble cause of democracy and freedom. The Islamic Revolt will win in the long run! Do not give up hope!

  9. The Earth will be at peace, just as Neda is, when people learn we are all the same in the heart and soul.
    Peace be with Neda and her family.

  10. Who killed Neda?
    She was shot in the heart, why would any official militia do that, when they know their popularity is going low?
    In Iran there is chaos now, or at least this is how we perceive it in Europe. Are you really sure the basij are the only ones shooting?
    Do you still protest because of the elections? Or you want a change of regime? If so, did you want a change of regime from the very beginning and used the election result as a pretext?
    I know there are many Iranian people who believe in the protests and I know the Iranian regime is far from freedom or decency, but a legitimate revolution should begin in honesty. And responsibility. Enthusiasm is good for those who die, but the survivors will have to deal will theirs.
    What if manipulation killed Neda? There is no price high enough for a young girl's life. Is it legitimate to make Neda a symbol of your revolution?

  11. I am anticommunist, becouse my country (lithuanian) was occupied by communists, and I know how communism works in action. It is not best what you can shoose, dear people of Iran, but I think was is matter now is freedom. Freedom to choose. So I support your way to against fundamentalists of all kind. Keep on going.

  12. Poland supports the People of Iran!

  13. الامهات الحمار

    you, eatshit, are brave.

  14. Iran = Nazi Germany
    Iran leaders= Nazi's
    Iran's Supreme leader= Hitler
    Neda= Holocaust victims in the 40's
    Iran's employed thugs= SS troops in Germany
    Iran's president = Himler
    Those who forget the past are doomed to suffer the consequences.
    Iran will soon have armed nuclear missiles pointed at Israel, Iraq, Europe
    When will the UN wake up to the threat
    They are killing their own people as did Stalin
    They control all media (including the free press of the world) they are arresting journalists, students (after they beat them to a pulp and they seek medical treatment- what an outrage, they probably tried to arrest Neda after they shot her through the heart, problem was she died and they couldn't arrest a murder victim)
    Pray for peace in the world as we are all heading for a nuclear holocaust when Iran starts shooting them off.
    They are murderers- they support terrorism all over the middle east and get away with it because we are all cowards.
    The UN is a den of cowards
    There is no world justice as long as innocent blood is shed and those responsible hide in Tehran