Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Crimes of the Fascist Regime of Israel against People of Gaza should be Condemned!

The attack of Israeli commandos on the ships that were carrying peace activists and aid to the people of Gaza evoked anger and hatred in humanitarian and progressive people of the world. The attack took place in international waters without any notice; according to some sources at least ten people and according to other sources some twenty people lost their lives and several got wounded due to this attack. This is an obvious and atrocious crime that is not only in contrast with the most basic humanitarian and civilized standards, but also overtly violates international laws and regulations; every political party, movement, state, and international organization that claims to be defending basic human rights should openly and strongly condemn this attack. People of the world and left-wing and progressive political organizations should pressure governments and international institutions in all countries to build up pressure on and condemning the Israeli government that has committed such atrocious crimes against the Palestinian people several times. The world should not tolerate such a crime.

Terrorist activities of political Islamic forces in the region and around the world do not justify crimes of the Israeli regime. The Israeli regime has used Hamas’ coming into power as an alibi in order to economically sanction the people of the Gaza Strip since June 2007. The siege, on the one hand, has devastated the lives of more than one and a half million innocent people, while, on the other hand, has provided Islamic terrorist forces such as Hamas with the ground for growing and strengthening their influence. We have always declared that Islamic terrorism and the state terrorism of Israel are two sides of the same coin; the tragedy of Gaza is just another example of the bloody confrontation between these two reactionary poles. The people of Palestine, as always, have been paying the price for this confrontation.

The solution for Palestinian people is cutting the hands of the fascist Israeli regime and the reactionary forces of political Islam off their lives and forming an independent and secular Palestinian state. Standing against fascist and antihuman policies of the Israeli government and protesting the silence and policies of Western states in support of crimes of this regime is the first step toward a humane resolution of the problem of people of Palestine who have been deprived of their basic rights.

The Worker-communist Party of Iran strongly condemns the Israeli regime and its criminal policies against the Palestinian people and calls upon all progressive and humanitarian forces, organizations and parties around the world to protest the fascist regime of Israel unanimously and unequivocally.

Worker-communist Party of Iran
June 1, 2010

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