Thursday, 31 December 2009

Class character of the current revolution

This resolution was adopted at the 7th congress of Worker-communist Party of Iran earlier in December 2009

1- The movement that began June 2009 in Iran, and goes on strongly as ever, is a revolution aimed at bringing down the Islamic Republic to reach freedom, equality and welfare for all. As far as its genuine content and the objective circumstances that have given rise to it are concerned, the present revolution has its origin in the class opposition between the bourgeoisie and the working class, and can be victorious only by ending the former’s political and economic domination.

2- The formation of the current revolution per se is indicative of the working-class horizon, or alternative, enjoying the upper hand over right-wing scenarios such as “reconstruction”, “gradual transformation”, “regime change”, and other nationalist-ethnic-religious alternatives. The formation of the revolution confirms and firmly establishes the working-class perspective with respect to the most fundamental transformation of the status quo. It also bears out the fact that revolution is the most desirable as well as viable way to destroy the regime of Islamic Republic and liberate the whole society from political and economic domination of the bourgeoisie. The formulation and publicization of the said perspective as well as ceaseless practice for its realization by the workers’ class-political representative, i.e., Worker-communist Party of Iran, has itself been instrumental in the formation of the current revolution.

3- The formation of revolution in Iran opens an active and effective front for beating back such reactionary movements as political Islam, the militarism of the Western’s bourgeoisie, and the corresponding socio-political theories like cultural relativism, multi-culturalism, and so on. The Iranian revolution turns the human being and the universal humanist values into the focal point of the class struggle between the world proletariat and the world bourgeoisie, and thus presents the honorable, civilized people of the world with a bright, promising perspective. The current revolution enjoys therefore a high capacity for enlisting the support of the world working class as well as the public opinion of the freedom-loving people across the globe.

4- The working class is the only class that is both willing and able to bring the present revolution to victory. For, on the one hand, the emancipation of the working class from exploitation and the domination of the bourgeoisie is objectively, actually, pending the emancipation of the whole society from the prevailing poverty, suppression, discrimination, oppression, and repression. On the other hand, the people’s demands, their ideals, namely women’s liberation, emancipation from the clutches of religion, cultural emancipation, modernity, unconditional political and social freedoms, eradication of poverty and securing welfare for all are represented only by the working-class perspective, [reflected in] the working class [party-political] program. The demands and ideals of the citizens at large are, for all practical intents and purposes, achievable only through the realization of the socialist objectives, the socialist program, of the working class. In the process of the present revolution the working class can, and should, rally onder its standard the great majority of the citizens, overthrow Islamic Republic, and realize [the slogan] “freedom, equality, welfare”.

5- The working class can position itself at the head of the current revolution only through its political party. Advancement, deepening, radicalization and the eventual victory of the revolution is pending the people embracing the party of the working class as the representative of the masses’ critique, their dissatisfaction with, and their objections to, the status quo, as well as accepting it as the leader of the mass struggle for the overthrow of Islamic Republic. Such a party should, firstly, represent the political and social objectives of the revolution, and make its presence felt in the field of the fight over the political power, and, secondly, be accepted as the leader by the society. Under the political circumstances in Iran, Worker-communist Party of Iran enjoys the said characteristics, and possesses the necessary capabilities to obtain the position of the leader of the revolution.

6- Worker-communist Party of Iran fights with all its might to advance, strengthen, organize, lead and bring to victory the present revolution. The Party calls on all activists in the workers’ movement and all revolutionaries in the student and women’s liberation movements, as well as in all other protest movements of other sections of the society to get actively involved on the basis of the Party’s policies, and to join its ranks.

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