Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The preconditions of the victory of the current revolution, and the determination of the future system of government

This was a resolution that was adopted at the 7th congress of Worker-communist Party of Iran earlier in December 2009

1- The real, objective content of the present movement, as far as its political objective is concerned, is the overthrow of Islamic Republic. As far as its social ideals are concerned, the real, objective content of the present movement is liberation from poverty, exploitation and class discrimination; emancipation of women; Cultural Emancipation of the youth; modernism and secularism; abolition of torture and execution; annihilation of repression and oppression - in a word, the realization of freedom, equality and welfare for all. The current movement, as far as its objective goals, its real content, is concerned, is a radical left revolution, that is, a humanist revolution for a humanist society.

2- The overthrow of Islamic Republic signifies total destruction of the state machinery together with all centers of power, from the House of the Supreme Leader to the circles around Imams and Ayatollahs everywhere, to the medley of state, Mafia-like Foundations and Organizations; annihilation of all organs of suppression composed of each and every intelligence organization, prison, court and torture site together with all security, military, paramilitary and police forces; revocation of the Constitutional and all other laws of the Islamic Republic. The revolution will be victorious only if it persists and focuses on the overthrow of the regime of Islamic Republic in this genuine, all-round sense.

3- Under the present circumstances the advancement and [eventual] victory of the revolution is, first and foremost, pending the widening and deepening of its humanist content, its humanist tendency, as well as the rallying of masses around a leading force that represents the deep-rooted protest at, or critique of, the existing order from the stand point of unconditional freedom, equitability, and humanity. The revolution has to obtain the leadership, the political organization, necessary for the overthrow of Islamic Republic and its replacement by the direct rule of the people.

4- As far as the form of the struggle is concerned, a significant precondition for the revolution to advance and be victorious is that it becomes more and more clearly defined and firmly materialized. It should go beyond mass demonstrations - various layers and sections of the society should articulate their objections in their own name, in various fields, and in various forms. The current form of advancement of the revolution, that is, recurrent mass demonstrations, should become more and more firmly based on ever-extending, standing organizations of different sections of the society in order to benefit from centralized, nation-wide political and practical leadership.

The central components of the above-mentioned delineation are as follows:

I- Ever more sections of the working class join the struggle; the working-class movement challenges the state; workers’ protests, meetings, strikes, and rallies develop further; veritable workers’ organizations, including workers’ councils, be established.
II- Various sections of society carry out their protest, their struggle, in their own social line-up and with their own social identity. Workers, women, students, intellectuals, teachers, office workers, physicians, nurses, families of political prisoners and those of the martyrs, and all other discontented strata of the population be organized in various institutions, e.g., societies, committees, unions, associations, councils, and so on, and appear at the scene of struggle with their own radical declarations, manifestos, calls of various sorts, announcements, and so on.
III- Local organizations, such as covert cells, overt societies and councils, local committees, etc., form in order to organize and lead the struggle at regional and neighborhood levels.
IV- Committees for the organization and co-ordination of strikes and demonstrations form at factories, universities, schools, offices, and hospitals.

In view of the above, Worker-communist Party of Iran

a- declares its resolve to form the political and practical leadership of the revolution, and calls upon all the revolutionaries and masses of people who desire the overthrow of Islamic Republic and the radical transformation of the present order to unite around the Party’s policies and slogans, as well as to join its ranks.
b- calls upon all opposition forces to support the struggles of the masses, as well as to relentlessly fight for the overthrow and total destruction of the regime of Islamic Republic.
c- declares that any degree of conciliation and/or compromise with the regime, any effort made with the aim of saving the present order in one form or another, any striving for sparing any part or any faction of the state is a practical measure taken against the people’s movement for freedom. The Party will oppose any such conciliatory measures, thwart, and expose them.
d- considers any resort to, and/or reliance on, religious, national and ethnic prejudices, as well as fabrication of identities on the said bases, an obstacle placed in the path of the people’s movement, the people’s revolution for freedom. The Party will condemn such policies and slogans and stand up to them.
e- calls upon all progressive and consistently democratic forces around the world to support the revolution of the people of Iran, and to struggle for global condemnation and isolation of Islamic Republic. The Party calls upon all governments and international institutions to condemn Islamic Republic as an oppressive, murderous regime and break all political/diplomatic ties with it.
f- considers the criterion for assessing the degree of commitment to freedom and progressive values of any personality or political force to be their degree of commitment to the following demands:
i- The arrest and public prosecution of those responsible for the current killings and atrocities and for those committed during the last 30 years.
ii- The complete separation of religion from the state, judiciary, education. Freedom of religion and atheism as a private matter.
iii- Unconditional freedom of expression, thought, organization, demonstration, and strike.
iv- Abolition of sexual apartheid and all discriminatory laws against women. Establishment of complete equality between men and women.
v- Equal rights for all citizen of Iran regardless of their faith, language, nationality and ethnicity.
vi- Abolition of death penalty as well as Islamic code of punishment. Prohibition of all forms of physical and emotional torture for any reason.
vii- Release of all political prisoners. Prohibition of prosecution and/or detention of people for political activity.

g- will refer the decision for the establishment of a socialist republic to the public vote. It strives to secure conditions in which the society can choose its desired system of government freely and consciously. After Islamic Republic has been overthrown, all political parties must be unconditionally and unboundedly free to promote their ideal system of government.

h- basing its struggle on its program (A Better World) and its publicized policies for the overthrow of Islamic Republic and the establishment of a socialist republic, that is, a humane system of government devoid of all oppression, poverty, exploitation, and class discriminations – a system that guarantees freedom, equality, and welfare for all its citizens. The Party calls upon all people to opt for that system.

Passed at the 7th congress of Worker-communist Party of Iran.
5 December 2009

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