Friday, 22 November 2019

200 protestors killed, over 3000 injured and several thousand detained in Iran


According to reports from Iran, the security forces have so far killed more than 200 protestors and injured more than 3000. Several thousand have been arrested and detained. The regime has threatened to execute those who were arrested during the demonstrations. In the province of Kurdistan the Revolutionary Guards have ordered the hospitals not to treat those injured at the demonstrations.

In Shiraz, army tanks patrol the streets. Three tanks were also seen on the streets of Mahshahr three days ago. This shows the strength of the people’s struggle. The Islamic Republic has used all of its oppressive forces but has not been able to repress the uprising. Hence, it has brought its armoured vehicles onto the streets.

In the Afsariyeh neighbourhood, in the south-east of Tehran, the demonstrations continued through the night and the people clashed with the security forces. In Sattarkhan Street, in the west of Tehran, the demonstrators - with women on the front lines - clashed with the police and pushed them back.
In the cities of Doroud and Khorramabad the demonstrators attacked several government buildings.

Demonstrations and clashes with the security forces continue in Isfahan. It has been reported that in Eslamshahr one Revolutionary Guard and a Basiji were killed during the clashes with the protestors. In Fereydounshahr, in the province of Isfahan, the Revolutionary Guards raided hospitals and kidnapped the corpses of dead and injured protestors.

Protests continue in Marivan; the death toll is high in this city. All shops are closed; the people have taken control of some neighbourhoods and do not let security forces enter. In Javanroud the people have pushed back the security forces. In Kermanshah, the security forces demand 500 million Tomans in order to hand over the bodies of the killed to their families.

Demonstrations and protests continue in Ahvaz and Khorramshahr. 17 have been reported killed by the security forces in Mahshahr. People continue their protests despite the atrocities of the security forces. In the city of Asalouyeh, petro-chemical complexes and refineries are closed due to road blockages. The Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane workers and the Polyethylene Petro-Chemistry workers continue their strikes. In the cities of Ahvaz, Shush, Behbahan, Khorramshahr and Omidiyeh, the families of the detainees continue their protests in front of the prisons. Families of those who were killed also protest in front of the forensic medical centre. At least 35 have been reported dead in these cities.

The Internet shutdown continues; the regime is trying to prevent people from communicating with each other and contacting the opposition abroad in order to hide the extent of its atrocities and barbarity. Some governors have said publicly that they are not allowed to reveal the number of the dead.

We call upon human rights, workers’ rights, and women’s rights organizations and unions worldwide and the international community to strongly condemn the crimes of the Islamic regime, to put pressure on the Islamic Republic and to support the people in Iran who fight for freedom, equality and a prosperous, humane society. We call on the international public to join the demonstrations that are being organized abroad in solidarity with the people in Iran.

Worker-communist Party of Iran
20 November 2019

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